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    Hi, I just purchased 6 months support for this one issue. I really hope you can help!
    I’m using the Woodmart theme and to be honest I’m very happy with it, just one issue that I cannot seem to get past.

    I’m using WooCommerce Subscriptions and an additional plugin called Toolbox for Woocommerce subscriptions (by shopplugins).

    Both work absolutely fine. The one issue I have (and its an absolutely crucial element to my business) is that when I have an active subscription, the toolbox plugin allows you to ‘edit subscription’, specifically to add new items to your existing subscription.

    This is the only element that is not working, when you are on any product page within my site(attachment 1), you have the option to ‘add to an existing subscription’ as per screenshot.

    When you complete this task, it adds the item to your subscription, though for some reason there is a quantity of 0 and a renewal cost of £0 (attachment 2). Now after a lot of testing and trying to get this to work, by simply deactivating the theme, it works perfectly and the products quantity/price show correctly in the amended subscription so I think I am safe to assume there’s a conflict somewhere within the software either in the theme itself or the associated software the theme is using. Its just when using Woodmart theme that this issue occurs.

    I’ve used the web inspector (developer mode on safari) to see if there are any errors when adding the new item etc and nothing occurs. I’ve installed jQuery updater to see if it was a javascript issue, though I still get the same issue.

    I don’t know if its an Ajax issue or something? I really need this to work, its the only stumbling block I’ve come up against since using the Woodmart theme and have paid for the support to resolve this one issue, if you can help me, honestly I’ll be so happy!

    Please let me know if you need any further information from me.
    This is a staging site I am doing this on, I’m happy to give you access if you need to see this for yourself.
    I eagerly await your reply.
    Kind regards,

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    It wouldn’t allow me to upload the image 1 so I have re-sized and hopefully it works this time.

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    Try to deactivate AJAX add to cart option in Theme Settings -> Product page.

    Kind Regards
    XTemos Studio


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    Thank you. Feel free to contact us when you will have any extra questions.

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