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    Hey basel team,

    i’ve seen a lot of people having the same problem as me with infinite loading page from thrive architect.
    They sent me an email so i’ll copy paste it because they explain everything :

    I logged in to your site and upon investigation, this issue is caused by a
    conflict with the current theme that you’re using, which is the Basel child
    theme. See this: https://cl.ly/1ad8db808312 There might be some coding in
    your current theme that breaks an aspect in Thrive Leads, hence causing the
    issue you’re experiencing.

    I tried to switch to a default WordPress theme — it seems that fixes the
    issue Please watch this screencast: https://cl.ly/c1333f5e2e41

    Note: Deactivating current theme & switching to default WordPress theme
    is a troubleshooting step to check if the conflict that is causing the issue
    you’re experiencing is coming from the theme in use.

    Now, I have reverted back to the Basel child theme so that your site is the
    same as you left it. Feel free to deactivate it yourself so that you can see
    the difference, also, make sure you clear your cache so the changes take

    Unfortunately, we can’t hide the fact that in WordPress there are lots of
    plugins and themes that you can use but not all of them are properly coded
    or written according to WordPress standard. A poorly coded plugin will cause
    problems regardless of what theme and plugins you are using. But as long as
    that the WordPress plugin is properly written using WordPress Codex it will
    work correctly without Thrive Themes products.

    Please be advised: Thrive Themes themes and plugins are built to the
    standard WordPress codex and so they should work with other plugins that are built
    to the same standard. Here’s a short explanation about this:

    “The most common cause of conflicts is different versions of jQuery loaded
    directly by one of your plugins or your theme. WordPress comes with jQuery
    included in /wp-includes/js/jquery/ and every theme and plugin should load
    it from there. However, some developers choose to include a different version
    of jQuery in their products and this might cause issues with Thrive Themes

    You can read more about this from this link:

    And if you want to keep using your child theme with Thrive Leads plugin then
    you may need to contact the theme developer and show them that console
    error – they should be able to help you out since they know better how the theme
    was built.

    attached a pic of the infinite loading page. which access do you need to fix the problem ?

    thank you very much for your help (Y)

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    Try to add the following PHP code snippet to the child theme functions.php file to fix this

    add_filter( 'woodmart_gradients_enabled', '__return_false' );




    I’ve just tried it and it is not working.

    Please help me as soon as possible



    Try to edit the file basel/inc/assets/js/colorpicker.min.js

    and replace the code

    if ($.fn.spectrum.load) {

    with this

    if ($.fn.spectrum.load && typeof $.fn.spectrum.processNativeColorInputs !== "undefined") {


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    and it doesn’t work as well


    Please, clear your browser cache and check. If it will not help, please, send us your FTP.

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