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    Ive stumble upon a strange error when adding products to cart.
    Just before it reloads it displays “checkout” in English and not
    in Swedish. Then, when it has reloaded it does translate it correctly.

    We use Loco translate.

    Please have a look.

    Also check the supplied images.



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    I am checking the site and I cannot catch the problem: I have added product into the cart, then I reloaded, all are in Swedish, then I checked the shopping cart.

    Please describe actions step by step to reproduce.

    Please make the full backup of your site as well as the Theme settings export and check the issue on the Storefront theme to detect if our theme causes the problem. Storefront is a free theme developed by Woocommerce.

    Best Regards


    Hi, thank you for your message!

    It happens at the precise moment when a product is added to the cart
    and the cart is shown.
    (Of course it reloads the page even if Ajax is running, an issue I’ve seen many other people complain about)…

    How do I translate that text, the strangest part is that when the page
    reloads, its correctly translated. Is that text being added with javacscript and
    not part of the language, where I cannot translate it with loco?



    I still do not see the problem https://gyazo.com/3609c44aa46f3494ed9682e863af9ce9

    As for the AJAX, deactivate all the plugins not related to the theme and switch the parent theme, check the issue, if the problem remains, leave the plugins not activated and provide the site admin access to the private area.

    Best Regards



    Please have a look at the supplied link.

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    As you could see on my video screen there is no problem.

    Please check the language of the Admin user in Dashboard > users > find the user.

    Also, try to clean the cache on your site and in your browser and check again.

    Best Regards


    Ok. So if the user has English as language in user settings it shows
    cart and checkout? It works now. But why is it like this?

    Is it possible to make the page not to reload after adding to cart with Ajax?



    Please deactivate all the plugins not related to the theme and provide the site admin access to the private area.

    Best Regards


    Well it sorted with the setting for me under users.
    But I still do not understand why it blinks with English
    if I have English as language settings under users.

    I don’t think disabling of all plugins would have any difference…



    The user language should be the same as the site language. It concerns only Amin users. All the visitors would see correct wording while adding a product to the shopping cart.

    Best Regards

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