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    Dear support, I have already created a comment on the themeforest page. But think this is easier en I do not have to use my private information for everyone to see.

    Where to begin…
    1. Productpage: the product image, the share buttons and related products not showing in Safari only (installed latest browser on pc, but is the same on iPad).
    Video: https://gyazo.com/aaa72c4b3ae7b23a3bf6d93c023c4cc4

    2. Links no longer working for image gallerij. Only a weird #code. It concerns the home-page, most right upper gallery (and the 2 other galleries on this page).

    Image: https://i.gyazo.com/93be8bba30da77d8bdd1b6dcd10382c4.png

    3. Testimonials not showing in Safari, they do show in firefox, inet explorer and Chrome, which is the view on the right.

    4. Sections not showing in Safari and items not reacting the same responsive way.
    Right is Chrome.
    5. This error shows up when entering website for first time, might be related? Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /website.nl/wp-includes/class-wp-query.php on line 3736

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    Currently, we can’t access your website without VPN so can’t check everything carefully. Please, disable country restriction on your server so we can be free to check problems.
    We will check it later tonight because I’m not with Mac and Safari right now.

    Kind Regards





    We still can’t access the site without VPN.



    There are no other restrictions for country set for this website?
    i also disabled iThemes.

    So you should be able to see everything?


    Here is what we get in Google Chrome https://gyazo.com/c9bf91b2df8b80e34497a5725d4c39ea



    Hmmm. That is weird, as you could see it while checking the mobile menu (see comments section).
    Asked the hosting provider to check it from their side too.
    No restrictions in Htaccess file.



    No DNS records are set, so I think it would be wise to check your own hosting provider? 😉



    I’m testing your website with Safari on Mac now

    1. Here is how the product page works for us https://gyazo.com/a14ad652ec0451665b09b4c33ab91c6c

    2. It seems to be a bug in WPBakery gallery element. Try to use our Images Gallery element instead.

    3. Testimonials work well on Safari as well https://gyazo.com/6e136845c29b2638b3248ce2255d30e6

    4. The same with this section. We don’t see any differences.

    5. Most likely this error comes with some of the installed plugins. You need to deactivate them one by one to see which one causes this.




    1 + 3 + 4: Some others friends of mine with Apple tested it too and that works. So only if I use safari on a windows 10 pc, it creates these issues.

    2. Will install the latest version of the template that came out on the 7th.
    5. There was an issue with age restrictioin plug-in which caused this, solved.


    Safari on Windows is not officially supported by Apple so you don’t need to test it on Windows. Safari is for Mac platform only.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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