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    Searching on the web for the best way to customize my text blocks, I found this VERY interesting page :

    The problem is I don’t see how to activate these fonctionalities (they don’t show with the version provided with Basel).
    This morning, I have a notification in the WP dashboard : a VP update is available, but no link to download it. So I went to this page :

    …where I see that, in my case, the update version will be provided by the author of the theme.

    My question : Will the fonctionnalities of VP appear on the new version and when do you think you will propose it to us ?

    OR : although I have seen nothing about that on the VP page, are these fonctionalities only provided with the charged version if I buy it directly from VP ?



    Thank you for contacting us.

    Actually Visual Composer that comes with our theme is have it’s full functionality and it is not necessary to activate or purchase it. Our theme will include the latest version of the plugin in our next update (in 2-3 weeks).

    Could you send us a screenshot where you don’t have VC functions enable? Did you activate in the Plugins section in your web-site?




    VC is activated and works. This is the editor window for text block :

    As you can see, some items are missing (font, size, etc.).

    But I always have a notification that tells me to “activate my copy of VC”.
    When I click on the link, I sign in on Envato account, and I get this message :

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    As we see on your screenshot, Visual Composer works with all functionality, it doesn’t have buttons you mentioned (font, size, etc.) for this text block element and they are not missed.

    As for activation so Visual Composer comes bundled with our theme but it can’t be activated with our purchase code. Actually, you don’t need to do this. Only in case you want to get free premium support from its author, you can purchase it from codecanyon. But it is not necessary since we will always provide you with the latest updates.




    Here is a link that will show you the other functionalities I am talking about :

    (I thought I have given it on my previous post, but the space is empty..strange).

    Anyway, if you compare my screenshot and what you will see on this page, there is a difference. An d I would like to have all the possibilities, maybe other customers too…


    But those functions come not from Visual Composer or WordPress. As it is mentioned on the page you sent, they belong to this theme. It is their custom functionality. And our theme and Visual Composer don’t have them.

    Anyway, thank you for feature request, maybe we will add something similar in the future.




    Oh ! I still have to improve my english ! I didn’t get it comes from another theme. Too bad.
    I really encourage you to add these improvements. It would be much easier to handle than CSS for people (like me) raised with Adobe softwares.

    Thank you for your answer.


    We will definitely think about this. Thank you 🙂



    You’re Welcome

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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