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Woocommerce prices aren’t showing on new products

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    Hi, something broke (some of) my prices on my website. Everything worked fine on my website, untill i updated yesterday Woocommerce latest version 6.5.1 and i installed/updated the last 3 patches from your theme. Now when i add a new product (i tested both on variable as on single), it doesnt show a price. I’ve added a link where you can see a category page where i’ve set new variables on the products there and the price disapeared on them.

    I have set my customizations back to original to test if it was something there but still no prices, and i havent installed any new plugins for a while so it cant be a new plugin installation, but to be sure i deactivated the last 3 plugins i’ve installed but still nothing, so i thought it was maybe the woocommerce 6.5.1 update that gave conflict with the theme, so i rolled back to first 6.5.0 but still no prices showed, then i rolled back to 6.4 but still no prices, so i upgraded woocommerce back to 6.5.1 and i tryed installing a basic wordpress theme, and then the prices where visible again.

    So im curious if any of the patches could have conflicted this? I tryed everything to solve it but i cant seem to find the problem thats conflicting it. On the excisting products the price is still visible, its only on new added products or if i will add a newly made variation to an excisting product.

    It would be great if you could test adding a new product to your demo site maybe with the latest woocommerce installed and all the patched updated from the theme and see if you have the same problem? I wish i knew what;s making this problem, i tryed googling it aswell but couldnt find any general answer so i hope it will be an easy solve tho.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards, julien



    I finally found out where the error/mistake is for the variable product price not showing.. And also for the single products..

    Let me start of for the single products: i only sell variable products and when i added the first test products on my site i saw 2 prices, one was for the variable and the other was a set price (it was higher up), so i hide the set price because it looked confusing, and i kept only the viariable price on my site while its the only i use.

    .summary-inner > .price, .wd-single-price .price {
    display: none;

    I used that code for it, and when i took out my custom code to test if it helped on showing the price on my variable products that didnt show a price anymore, i only tested it for my variable prices because i dont use single products/prices, so when i took it out i saw the upper price, but not the price under the swatches, so the single price works fine so that is solved.

    Now the main problem i have, my excisting variable products didnt show the price when i changed the variation on them or add them to my cushion category and i set the variables for them.

    I now found out its because i have 2 variables for them, cushions for: inside and outside, but both have same price, but for some weird reason, the price doesnt show as where the variable price should show (below the swatches), because they have the same price, the price will show as single product price.. so when i take that custom code out then it shows 1 price on top, but thats weird, that price should only be for single products i would say, if i’ll set a variable with the same price it should still show up where the variable price shows, under the swatches, not as single price..

    So i found out how to show my price again, but only if my 2 variables have a different prices, which is weird, so i still hope you can help me figure out how i can have 2 variables on my products with the same price and have the price just show up where it should show up..below the swatches just like when you set different prices on your variables the price shows up under the swatches, it shouldnt matter that it has the same price right?

    But i will also keep searching if i can find a solution or if its a common problem, and will post aswell for you if i’ll solved it, or if you solved it i’ll also like to hear it ofcourse, thank you!

    Kind regards, julien



    Ok found it, you can close this topic as solved 🙂

    I’ve added the following code to the childtheme functions.php

    add_filter(‘woocommerce_show_variation_price’, function() { return TRUE;});

    Now when i have 2 variables with the same price it shows the price how it was, its appearantly some woocommerce blockage to not show a variable price when the price is the same, super weird, but im glad its finally solved.

    Please have a nice weekend!

    Kind regards, julien


    Elise Noromit


    Thank you very much for choosing our theme and for contacting us.

    We are glad you have solved the issue.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

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