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    I’m running on Siteground and getting a low mobile score of 43 and a desktop of 83. If I buy WP-Rocket, do you think I can get faster speeds?

    I understand it depends on plugins… but if I’m getting 43 now on mobile. Do you think WP-Rocket will get it faster?



    You can see I’ve deferd the JS and there isn’t mush blocking the load anymore but I can get 70 or 80. how can I achieve that?

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    I’m using WP Rocket and getting 100 in most of my pages after some optimisations. On mobile it is actually not possible to go higher than 85 because of all unusued CSS + JS.

    Have plan to clean this myself in future if not implemented in next versions.

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    Which hosting provider are you with?





    Elise Noromit


    First of all, we would like to tell you that Google very often scores 20-40 points on mobile performance for 99% of websites built with WordPress. To get more points you need to have a light page. For example remove all sliders, and carousels and leave a few banners and products only. Then you will get a high result. But usually, our theme works very fast on mobile devices and doesn’t have any problems with performance.
    We suggest you test it on a few mobile devices and you will see that there are no real performance problems. Google PageSpeed gives you recommendations on how to improve the performance of your website, but it does not measure the speed (aka loading time) of your website. If your site loads fast, you can safely ignore PageSpeed’s recommendations. We suggest you read an article from the WP Rocket team – one of the most experienced companies in terms of WordPress optimization. https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/85-google-page-speed-grade-does-not-improve

    Best Regards



    Hello, may I reply there as I seen your answer and I bit disagree with that.

    First of all I have to recall that on your themeforest selling page you have big banner telling that the theme is

    Optimised for google speed

    and show and beautiful green 97 rank for Mobile, and 100 for Desktop. What is true when we watch the Real Exemple link provided. Of course that is light page for your showcase, what I truly understand.

    If we take a look deeper of that (what I advise todo before buy), we can see that the rank is going down just a bit for other DEMO pages as :
    – Random “Shop page” : 73 on Mobile, 96 for Desktop
    – Random “Product page” : 68 on Mobile, 97 for Desktop
    – Demo Home Page : 47 on Mobile, 92 for Desktop

    I think this is more relevant of your theme capabilities, and this is still “acceptable”.

    What I disagree with is that your answer seems to tell like getting 20-40 points on mobile is a “normal thing”.

    Personnaly what I think is that if you get 20-40 on mobile, then you have a problem, and you have to care of that. Additionnally, your website can’t be fast when you get 20-40 score. That is just contradictory. And yes Google measure the speed (aka loading time) of your website but in a more technical way called FCP (First Contentful Paint), LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), or Time to interaction…

    Fast means Fast, you can’t play with that. If your website is fast, then you hit a good score. If not, you can consider your website as slow.

    So then what’is fast? LCP of 2,5s? Time to interaction of 7,7s? This is all what matters :

    1/When the client browser will see the content?
    2/When the client will able to interact with the page?

    Additionnaly and the most important is that this Rank is directly linked to your SEO performances, according to WP Rocket :

    Site speed influences SEO. Google has indicated that the speed at which your page loads is an important signal in determining its ranking. Google wants to know that if they send a visitor your way, that visitor will be happy with the experience.

    Source : https://wp-rocket.me/blog/guide-to-page-speed-optimization-for-wordpress/#section-1

    Now im going to give some advices to Woodmart users, some essentials things to take care of for your website :

    1/ Images optimisation. Images are often the biggest ressource to dowload on a page. You must care that the images are :

    – Good sized
    – Optimized for Web compression -> with Webp format
    – Lazy Loaded.

    2/ Optimize your website : WP Rocket does the best job for that and does actually a lot more than caching, like CSS optimisation, JavaScript Defer and delay, but remind that is not 100%.

    3/ Less is more : Plugins, scripts, or others theme functions, are often the main reason of a slow website. Each plugin is adding ressources to load (often many additionnal php requests, scripts and css files). Depending the quality of the code. 1 bad plugin could really slow down your website.

    For this you have to care of the good quality of your plugins. Most of free plugins (at least 60%) are in fact bad coded, and often adding unnesseray code to all the pages even it is not needed.

    I’m personnaly sure that until you do not care about that those 3 points, you will not get a good rank. Team can confirm but I don’t think Woodmart is using actually 50 random plugins on their DEMOS, that would just kill the all performances.

    Optionnal but worth : Preload your most importants ressources on pages. Could be fonts, images, scripts.. According to Perfmatters :

    Preloading using rel attributes can help speed up the loading of scripts and resources on your WordPress site. They are even recommended by Google when appropriate.

    Next point : Optimized Theme. There you are lucky, as Woodmart exists. I have to tell from my experience that Woodmart is a really good choice as it gives you the possibility to replace more than 40 plugins if we take all the possiblities and functions of the theme in account.

    Additionnaly, Woodmart seems to be really good coded and focused on optimsation, that is really confident for the future. But I think there is still some job to do with :

    – the css (many doubled rules + unusued css depending of the page).
    – the js/script used per page.

    I think this could really amazingly improve the performances of the theme as the rest is already okay.

    – keep focusing of optimization.

    I really like the way that Woodmart use of queuing the css files or scripts only if they are used or necessary on the page or at the moment. This is a key for the optimisation.

    Actually using Woodmart since 2 months with maybe 20 additionnal plugins, and after some optimisations, we are actually getting :

    – 95/100 for all our products & category shop pages on DESKTOP, with an average loading time of 1 sec, what we can call fast.
    -75/85 for the same pages on MOBILE, with an average of 2-4sec loading, depending of the page.

    We are actually happy with that but when we have time we will do the job especially to increase mobile rank.

    Thanks for reading, and I am 100% open to discuss about performance stuff or giving real examples of what I am talking.

    PS : Woodmart Team please keep focus on performance as you keep adding amazing functions to your amazing theme 🙂

    Best regards.

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    Elise Noromit


    Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will pass over them to our development department for consideration.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards



    i am facing too many issues because of the theme!

    # please check my site i found an issue related to theme
    my site is having a LOT of render blocking resources!!

    #Even after the server provides the HTML, it keeps loading and loading because the browser has to download many many things

    #Just view the source of my site u will find the issue

    #These many files the client has to download, It will obviously be slow

    # it’s very poor the theme loads tremendous amount of big css/js files

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    google page speed does not give real values.
    litespeed better wp rocket not
    my hosting
    Limitsiz Trafik
    4 Core CPU
    8 GB ram
    Ăścretsiz CloudFlare CDN
    LiteSpeed LiteSpeed/LsCache Web Sunucusu
    Memcached Memcached Object Cache


    Artem Temos

    Hello all,

    Please, create separate topics if you have any questions for our support team.

    Kind Regards


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