How to Add Meta Description in WordPress

Today, almost all types of businesses and services have gone to the Internet. Each store has a website where customers view assortment, prices, and other information. Another profitable online activity is blogging. The most popular constructor for customizing websites is WordPress. In both cases, for customers to come to you, you should undertake activities to promote the Internet resource.

To achieve good results, it is essential to use such components as meta key-phrases, description, and title. The benefits can be incomparably great when it comes to optimization.  Anyone can learn how to construct SEO phrases. This article tells you how to add SEO keywords to a WordPress website. The WP website owners could increase traffic, customers, and sales for your business platform.

The quality of information is essential, but it’s not enough. Users have access to thousands of websites. And it’s impossible to view all of them. Therefore, people prefer to look through just the most popular results from the search. So SEO is considered the Holy Grail of web-marketing. High-quality optimization schemes drive plenty of traffic to your online shop or blog.

Seo Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Catchword mode is a pretty meaningful factor in SEO. These are terms and phrases that let potential clients meet you. Google results display your title, descriptions, and key-phrases. They belong to HTML meta tags and a part of your website code. They are not visible on the page or for visitors. But browsers and search engines utilize them while answering people’s inquiries. Without them, you and your clients never find each other.

Visitors get to know the topic of the blog from the title. It is the most crucial point. A poorly worded heading can spoil your online shop’s SEO. Then let’s clarify what is a meta description in WordPress. It eases the work of the search machine, represents the data of the web-page, and attracts buyers with a concise summary of the post.

Plugin for Editing Meta Descriptions and Key-Phrases

To edit meta descriptions and key-phrases to WordPress templates, the WP website owners should adjust plugins. There is a large variety of them. The most commonly used are Yoast or AIO (All in One SEO). They make it easy to create keys for every media or web-page on a website. The principle of their work is practically an equivalent. Only the names of fields and tabs can be different.

Search engines do not provide accurate information on how significant these two points are. But experts advise attaching them to improve optimization. SEO specifications are located under the title of your resource and highlighted in bold italics.

With a well-formed description, potential customers could follow the link and get acquainted with the content. And if the ticks to your site are high, Google should advance the ranking of your website. It allows the WP website owners to promote your business. So, it is vital to know how to set meta descriptions in WordPress.

SEO Keywords – Why to Use Them?

The opinions of the SEO-specialists about applying keyphrases differ. Some argue that they are not needed in modern realities, and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others do not take them into account. Others insist: they contribute to the optimization and help customers find the right platform – your business.

Each site owner decides to apply them or not. But they will not worsen the SEO of your platform. And in some cases, they could help. Better to use every possible optimization opportunity. Each small percentage scores up to the success of your business. Further, there are some tips about WordPress on how to add keywords.

It is effective to embed targeted catchwords in the titles, descriptions, and content themselves. Plugins such as TruSEO rated AIO SEO enhance the quality of content with these targeted catchwords.

The Most Effective Plugin for WordPress

The majority of specialists prefer to work with AIO SEO (All in One SEO). It is considered as the best system. It simplifies the process of optimization of the website because it has a full set of necessary tools. It is the most popular system that appeared back in 2007. It has a wide range of useful functions:

  • optimizes SEO, titles for the Google;
  • automatic notifications;
  • supports SEO for publications;
  • monitors duplicate content;
  • supports Google Analytics and sitemaps;
  • automatically create tags and much more.

To begin working with AIO, download and activate it. Go through a simple setup for your online-platform. At the end of the procedure, tick on Finish Setup and press the Dashboard button. Add meta tags in the WordPress SEO plugin. It takes several minutes.

Edit Meta Title WordPress

Let’s look at the principle of setting up a title applying the example of a plugin AIO SEO. It is the most popular variant. To customize the meta title for your site, scroll down to the Appearance section and choose Theme Editor.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • <h1><?php _e( 'Blog', 'theme' ); ?></h1>
  • Any name could be written instead of Blog. For example, News.
  • Do not forget to renew the file after all the configurations.
  • Next, open your meta title in WordPress and re-download the page.
  • In the tab, we should see the title just written, and in the source code and other data.

Sometimes it can be specified by the name of the platform. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Choose  the section – All pages;
  • In the list, pick the one you need and enter a short text in the Title field.
  • Refresh it and see the result.

These actions apply to headings, for example, on a blog or any other one.

A Simple Method to Increase Clicks on Your Page

All methods are effective. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience in customizing the online platform and its title, it is better to use the plugin that was mentioned at the beginning of the article. It is enough to enter the necessary values ​​in the system settings and then it does everything on its own. 

You will not need to search for where to insert individual code to achieve the desired result. Everything is simple and effective. It is very easy to download this extension from the admin panel. In the research window, insert the name and install it in your control panel. Do not forget to activate it before starting work.

Edit Meta Description WordPress

Many search engines almost do not take descriptions into account. This option is less influential than the title. However, you should not neglect it. It is worth learning how to add meta descriptions in WordPress to the page. Its content is taken by a search engine and used as a snippet: a small piece of text that people see as a shortlist of the site in results. And it clears to potential customers what your resource is about and attracts the right audience.

Clear out the page, remove all unnecessary and incorrect information. The resource itself should look as presentable as possible and contain useful and high-quality information. The point is that the description is generated automatically based on the content of the website. It should meet the needs of consumers in this area.

Detailed Meta Description Algorithm

The first point is your website’s home page. It is the main one and face of the site because from it most visitors begin their acquaintance with the site. It is significant to set meta description WordPress. Move to the Main Settings in the downloaded plugin.

Further, correct part of the SEO information. But it is vital to remember that Google displays no more than 160 characters.

The procedure how to add meta description in WordPress is as follows:

  • In Settings choose the General tab;
  • In the shortlist window, enter or change the meta name description WordPress manually. The available characters will be indicated (160 symbols in total);
  • The preview updates as it is finished;
  • Be sure to save the result.

Edit Meta Keywords WordPress

After installing this plugin, the whole process is greatly simplified. All in One includes options on how to add SEO keywords in WordPress. But they are disabled by default since many search engines do not take them into account or give them little value.

If you want to enable the function to add meta keywords in WordPress for your post and pages, visit the Dashboard. There, click from No to Yes.

For better results and promotion you need to insert key-phrases separated by commas. Do not write more than 10 items. Make sure you take the ones that apply to your content and that you’ve already used those phrases in your articles and posts.

A Simple Way to Customize Keyword Phrases

The order how to add SEO keywords in WordPress on your Home Page:

  1. Pass to Global Settings in Search Appearance.
  2. Go down the screen to the Home Page Settings.
  1. Enter SEO key-phrases the same way as you did for your posts. 
  2. Do not forget to press Save Changes in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Congratulations, you have successfully adjusted keywords and descriptions to your WordPress post. You can now save or publish your post or article.

Adjust Keys for Categories and Archives

It is also reasonable to set keywords for a website for the categories and archives:

  1. Turn to the Categories tab and visit the Post section;
  2. Choose the category you would like to modify and click Edit;
  3. Switch to the Setting box;
  4. Correct or add necessary keywords in WordPress on the Advanced tab as you did for posts or Home Page;
  5. Do not forget to Save Changes.

In general, All in One SEO can be combined with other plugins. You will be able to define catchwords and WordPress website meta descriptions for other plugin products. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. It became clear to you how to add meta tags to WordPress. Some moments are still disputable, every SEO point helps optimize your web-platform and increase the traffic and clients.