Install a WordPress Theme Using Three Methods

WordPress websites are the most popular nowadays among Internet users. Both entertainment sites, blogs, e-commerce projects, and corporate platforms are created with the help of the WP facilities. Besides almost unlimited functionality, WordPress websites are very attractive and user-friendly. To make them eye-catching and pleasant for visitors’ interaction, various templates are used.

The Space Xtemos team provides exclusive and special-purpose themes that meet any business and individual purposes of the WP fans. Today we are going to tell you about the process of template installation. Our catalogs contain numerous variants for business representatives, bloggers, and other individuals. Install a WordPress theme we provide with the Space Xtemos helpful guide.

Installing a WordPress Template Detailed Methods

Our tips and recommendations will come in handy if you are not a skillful tech specialist or an experienced web designer. There are three possible ways of installing a new WordPress theme. We are going to describe each of them in order you may select the best method of template installation.

There are both manual ways and partly-automated variants of installation to choose from. These all are simple and convenient with our detailed guide where the algorithm is described step by step.

Method 1 – Installation of the WP Theme Through the Default WordPress Themes Interface

The first variant is a traditional one that is used by thousands of entrepreneurs and average owners of the WP site. For this purpose, use a default WordPress Themes interface and follow our algorithm.

It is worth noting that you need to download the template of your interest first. Select the most optimal theme on the Space Xtemos website and stay pleased with its options and attractive design. You may purchase only one template or choose the All-Theme plan with more than 25 variants for any fancy.

If you have already picked sides with the most suitable WP theme, it is high time to continue installing a WordPress template with the help of the default WP Themes interface. Right after you have joined the Xtemos community and purchased the template of your interest, follow the instruction described step by step for your convenience:

  • Download the Xtemos Space theme file. Save this file on your computer.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard menu and find the Themes section (select the Appearance menu in the right menu to find the Themes section).
  • When you manage to open the Themes section, press the Add New action button.
  • You will see the Upload Theme command. Choose it and continue to install the theme using the button named Choose File. You need to select the file you have already downloaded (with the new template you have purchased for installation).
  • Check everything in the form. Add the file of your interest and click the Install Now button.

That’s all. Now you should wait a couple of minutes to finish the procedure of installation. First, the file with the template will be uploaded and will be installed automatically. You will see the Activate button at the end of the final stage. Press this button for the theme activation. This way your installation will be completed. The process usually takes up to 5 minutes. This was the first method on how to install premium WordPress themes by the Space Xtemos team.

Method 2 – Install WP Theme Manually in Several Steps

Some of the users prefer to control each operation of the installation. It goes without saying that manual methods are also comfortable because you may undertake each step yourself. If you have decided to install a WordPress theme manually, we are ready to assist you with this task. Take a closer look at the step-by-step guide of such type of installation:

  1. Use the Setup Wizard for the theme activation and its customization.
  2. Usually, you are redirected to this many in default. But if this automatically-done step does not take place, open the Space Dashboard and find the Welcome screen. Press the Setup Wizard button to initiate the process.
  1. You will install a WP theme manually because each step is undertaken one by one in the Setup Wizard menu. Open the welcome screen and select the command Setup Wizard to continue your installation.
  2. You will see a convenient activation form there. Use your license key to activate the template of your interest.
  3. For the beginning, you may activate the “child theme”. Jump over this optional step and miss the demo import WordPress procedure if necessary.
  4. When you have activated the template you require, there is a special plugin menu to take into account. It is worth noting that the Elementor drag & drop page builder by the Space Xtemos team contains all necessary plugins in default.
  1. If you need to build the e-commerce platform, do not forget to install the WooCommerce plugin. The process will come to an end in several minutes. Just activate your plugin and follow the WooCommerce recommendations for stress-free installation.
  1. Other plugin activations are possible to be done manually as well. All the theme-related plugins can be activated in the Plugins section. You may install each one manually or click the button Activate All Plugins in the same section.
  1. Wait for several minutes when the installation and activation processes of your required plugins are completed. We recommend paying attention to the range of helpful plugins you may need for your WP template customization. They are:
  • ContactForm 7 (for your contacts);
  • MailChimp – select the WordPress version;
  • SliderRevolution – the helpful option for slider creation.

At the end of your manual theme installation, do not forget about dunny content. This step is not an obligatory one but may be necessary. Then, complete your setup. You will see the final screen and further recommendations for ongoing customization of your template.

Method 3 – Install WordPress Theme Manually FTP Detailed Method

This is one more available method of the WP template installation. You may install a WordPress theme manually by FTP using. The File Transfer Protocol gives you an opportunity to edit any files on the hosting server. With the help of our guide, you will be able to undertake the template installation using FTP as well.

Start with the WP theme download. Create the folder with the template of your interest to continue your installation. Then, put this folder in the system folder named “wp-content/themes/”. It is stored on your server.

To show this process in detail, take a closer look at the step-by-step guide we offer. There are only several steps to undertake. The process is not complicated and is rather fast:

  • Select the template of your interest and download it. Use your account for downloading. Open the Downloads section.
  • Use your FTP client to connect the hosting provider. You may establish your server connection through the File Manager control panel as well.
  • Then, you need to upload your zip folder with the WP theme to the special-purpose system folder named “wp-content/themes/”.
  • You should unzip your folder to continue the installation procedure. Open the WordPress dashboard next.
  • Use the Appearance section to activate the template. Find the Activate action button and complete the theme installation.

Your installation is finished. Do not forget after activation of the WP template to follow the system recommendations. Do not miss any notifications about plugin updates and new WP versions. It is important for your excellent website performance. Plugin updates are available to be done manually and in the fully-automated mode. Choose an auto-update option not to miss necessary improvements and refreshments.

How to Import Demo Theme in WordPress Detailed Guide?

If you are open to designing experiments or just would like to try the try-out template version, it will be helpful for you to know how to import a demo theme in WordPress. We recommend to come back to our instructions and follow the guide where the installation of the “child” variant is optional. Additionally, you may use a popular plugin for importing any demo content for your WP site. One-Click Demo Import is your must-have plugin if you would like to do it this way.

The Space Xtemos team aspires to make all your routine tasks and WP settings easier. Improve your WordPress website performance with us! Select the best premium themes and templates in the Xtemos Space catalogs. We hope that our guides on how to install a WordPress theme from your computer were helpful and would simplify your installations!