WordPress WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

WooCommerce subscriptions give users the ability to sell products in a virtual format. But the WooCommerce store also needs an additional plugin that allows providing customers with services and products regularly. The WooCommerce subscriptions plugin is about advanced functionality and missing features for a standard extension. 

Without this, the user can renew subscriptions when:

  • the price changes (with tax); 
  • change the sales start dates for his products; 
  • change the dates of the next subscription payment; 
  • recalculate all subscriptions when there are changes related to delivery. 

These are essential functions for the development and performance of the online store. The plugin will make the process of work more simplified and comfortable. Over time, the virtual marketplace acquires large databases with email addresses that need to be collected for repeated offers of goods to consumers. 

Subscription products in WooCommerce collect and maintain overall sales figures, allowing the consumer to configure them. If to add a plugin, users should open a backup copy because prices may change. Another advantage is the correct calculation of all differences in costs, taxes, and fees spent on delivery. 

The process requires clear contextual information that is difficult to take fully into account if the user needs recalculation and specific analysis. The WooCommerce platform is an ideal solution for creating and managing an online store. But its free features are not enough if the user needs a subscription and additional plugins. The marketplace will collect and analyze data to provide the user with updated data on payments and customer actions.

How to Create Subscription Product in WooCommerce

WordPress WooCommerce subscriptions help the user create products and manage their payments. This is not only about keeping track of residual income but also means calculating the possible profit for the next month. It also becomes possible to create clubs and divide them into weekly subscriptions, annual packages, products of the month, and much more.

The user can offer customers validity periods for promotions, free trials for services, and other great deals. There are a few simple steps to download a WooCommerce subscriptions product:

  1. Open WooCommerce, and click Products and then the Add Product action button.
  1. Select a standard or optional subscription type as the main product. 
  2. Set the terms of the selected subscription (price, period and billing interval, registration fee, trial, etc.) 
  3. Define the terms of product management and add the required information to the cart.
  4. Now click Ready.

WordPress subscriptions product provides its plan for managing, changing, and updating services. Detailed reports will track monthly income, the number of the most active consumers, and so on. Also, the user receives support for manual payments, electronic checks, and receipts that can be renewed through any gateway in the program. The transaction will not be lost if the client cannot pay for the service at the moment. This payment will be saved and the transaction with WooCommerce subscribe will be executed as soon as he has money in his account.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Features

Many users set up a free trial for customers to try the product before paying. Registration fees and special offers may be added here. Consumers also manage a subscription to change its term, pause, add items, take into account shipping, taxes, or cancel it. Download the plugin and get even more advantages for WooCommerce subscriptions. Without the WordPress WooCommerce subscription plugin, the user also has many features: 

  • Synchronization of payments. Delivery can be performed on certain days of the month. Customers can adhere to the annual membership term, and the user renews the subscription for them. The first payment can be divided into two (2) equal parts. 
  • Coupons and discounts. The user can offer the customer a range of discounts on monthly payments or provide the option to purchase a special voucher. This coupon could be for a discount or registration fees.
  • Customer notification. There is a built-in system for collecting the email addresses of customers. It allows owners of the WP website to notify purchasers of changes in the subscription, its renewal, or cancellation. 
  • Flexible system of product selection. The user can make his offer and product physical, virtual, and downloadable. Fees can be charged annually, monthly, or weekly. Also, here make one product for one client and take payment only for the initial ordering. 
  • Updates. Clients can upgrade or switch between different products with their subscriptions. Dividing the payment amount into two (2) equal payments allows them to adjust costs or transfer to another product.
  • Account management. The customers can also manage their subscriptions. They go into the account and then to the subscription settings. They can change the shipping address, payment method, or stop/cancel a subscription.

Make a product not only meaningful and of high status but also visually attractive with eCommerce templates WordPress. Here is presented not only a selection of ready-made templates but also unique themes that can be changed according to the requirements of a certain line of business. Users upload their logos, content, and images so that their product or service is memorable and desirable for the consumer.

One Subscription Per Transaction

Some versions offer multiple subscriptions. This option allows customers to buy more than one product at a time. But not all payment methods provide this opportunity. The user can manually enable the renewal or use a payment method for multiple subscriptions for a single transaction. Open the Subscription Payment Gateways guide to exploring all the features and functions.

WooCommerce Subscription for Free 

Online store creation and management are free. Subscription provides more critical functions, but this additional service is paid, although the platform offers many discounts and sales. It is possible to open a personal account, download, use, and replace the data of the online store without additional fees. Commercial project activities can be designed and deployed online with a WooCommerce subscription without any difficulties.

Installation and Configuration WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

WooCommerce subscriptions allow building profitable customer relationships. Profit forecasting becomes easier because such a subscription analyzes every monthly information on income and cash expenditures. This helps to get a clear indication of how much revenue can be expected in the next month. The plugin provides two types of subscriptions: simple and variable. For a simple type, the user can specify the subscription price, its interval, and duration. With a variable subscription, consumers can create products with the required attributes and requirements of their online store. 

WooCommerce subscriptions plugin can be installed by downloading a specific zip file. Then there are a few steps to follow to set it up: 

  1. The user logs into his account and then opens the API Downloads section. 
  2. The file has been downloaded and now he needs to upload it on the My Accounts page.
  1. Logging into the system on WordPress should go from the administrator. There is a section with plugins where a user adds a new one. 
  2. Select the file downloaded earlier and upload it. 
  3. Activate the plugin. 

The WooCommerce subscribe product will be added to the main menu. All subscription orders will be there as well. Now the user goes to Products and then Add new. A product editor will be opened in WordPress, where consumers can enter detailed data about each product. 

For the WooCommerce subscription product configuration, check the Accept Manual Renewals checkbox. The installation will automatically start and the customer’s payment methods will be changed at the specified interval (every year, week, month, or day). At the bottom of the page will be Retry Failed Payments, check this. If the client’s payment fails, then this will allow the transaction to be repeated a little later.

Create a sellable marketplace that will attract customers to a product or service. Use the WooCommerce platform to maintain the virtual store manageable. Choose free features, purchase WooCommerce subscriptions on sale, or add useful plugins for more features. Customers will also be able to participate in managing their subscriptions and purchase more items in a single transaction. WooCommerce subscription has many benefits that allow the user to collect data, analyze, monitor, and notify customers of any changes.