Cloudways Review

Cloudways entered the virtual world in 2009. This hosting provider is headquartered in Malta. Now, it recruits more employees and expands its boundaries by opening new offices in the UAE and Spain. The organization offers accessibility and functionality that helps clients focus on their business. The company has helped over 12,000 servers and assisted in launching over 25,000 web applications. 

The customers are not limited to the realm of shared, VPS, or definite servers, because Cloudways hosting brings new features to managed WordPress cloud management. Any WP website including a virtual agency or online store can achieve more performance and more features with Cloudways web hosting. This is a simple and straightforward hosting provider that will remove any complexity associated with server management (from launching an application to servicing). 

Having a WordPress website, the Cloudways hosting services can come in handy to do away with some challenges related to WP reality. It is a powerful managed environment for business websites or e-commerce stores.

Bloggers, web designers, freelancers, or online store owners may download Cloudways and open a profile for free. The company will provide users with training materials and an experienced manager for advice and support. Cloudways WordPress hosting is an excellent choice for any PHP, SSL, and all cloud service providers. 

It is possible to customize hosting options according to any business process requests and requirements. Cloudways setup is not complicated and can be undertaken in a few clicks. This way customers get 50 more functions to manage the applications and servers of their online agency or virtual store. 

Benefits Cloudways Web Hosting

Any hosting company provides consumers with varying bandwidth, memory volume, storage space, and processing power. Cloudways WordPress speed, security, and ease of maintenance are the distinctive features of this provider. It also gives other benefits: 

  • Reduces the risk of crashes on the site.
  • Using the Let’s Encrypt SSL protocol for secure online interactions..
  • Simplified setup of new sites on the server.
  • Cloudways CDN gives a great speed of website page loading.
  • Moving the site will be easier with the migration tool.
  • Site management through the WP is more secure due to the special firewall.
  • Quick installation of applications (one click).
  • 24/7 support with professional experts.

Cloudways vs Traditional Provider

Many users are researching Cloudways review to find the difference between it and a traditional provider. Some distinctive features choose in favor of the first point because: 

  • The security is higher than traditional providers offer. Several methods are being used to ensure the best possible safety of the website’s data.
  • Cloud is faster and locates customers. Users can send content to nearby customers more operatively.
  • The traditional provider does not give the ability to store a site on multiple servers. Only one and backed up.
  • The site performance will be high with Cloudways because the cloud uses SSD.
  • Cloudways hosting allows users to transfer a site from one server to another.
  • Cloudways hosting price is lower than most popular providers like Vultr or Linode obtain.
  • Uptime is improved because if one server fails, the user can switch to another. It will take responsibility. 

Cloudways Prices and Affiliate Program

This platform offers different pricing plans that are valid for a month. There is a free version here that allows users to study the provider and find out its features. On the 4th day, a consumer needs to choose a suitable plan and pay the payment, otherwise, the software will not be available.

  • DigitalOcean costs 10 dollars;
  • The price of Vultr Starter Plan is $22;
  • GCE Starter Plan costs $33.30;
  • AWS Starter Plan – 36,51 dollar;
  • VULTR2GB costs 23 dollars. 

Cloudways prices differ in terms of bandwidth and storage. For example, GCE Starter Plan offers 1.7 GB RAM, 2 TB Bandwidth, and 20 GB Storage. Detailed Cloudways CDN review says that upon signing up, people can get a free $20 to choose the suitable plan for their virtual business. CDN is a paid service, for a month the consumer needs to pay $1. Also, users can get special programs and promo codes. All functions of this provider will be available after choosing a tariff plan and paying for monthly services. Everyone can upload his WordPress blog and manage a site across multiple servers. WP users also choose corporate website themes WordPress. This is important to make a product more attractive and desirable to consumers. Users can set preferences, upload images and content, make a site bright and memorable.

This Cloudways review will share the updated terms of the affiliate program that has gained more loyalty and flexibility. Now users can receive commission percentages by choosing one of three programs. Following the conditions, users receive a small reward to the account, which is in their profile. 

  • Slab. Referrals make sales and this number affects their income. Cloudways users may bring 5 members and their sales in a month make a commission percent. This type is ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers because a nice income goes every month when referrals make a sale. 
  • Hybrid. This program provides a preliminary $30 bonus and requires only registration. Then, a user receives a recurring commission of 7% for each active customer of this provider platform. This type will be a good choice for freelancers, bloggers, and those who want to passively earn money.

Custom. This Cloudways review also offers a custom program that combines the top two. The affiliate marketing of this provider is divided into 2 categories. If a consumer is among the ranks of experienced managers, then he can earn from the above two affiliate programs. Users may get a tailored commission structure based on their strengths and earn monthly interest.

Cloudways WordPress – Setup Instruction

Cloudways WordPress setup means a user is migrating his WP blog to this cloud hosting. A consumer may try the simple steps to do this or contact Cloudways customer support, and they will guide him through every stage. The installation process is rather straightforward and it could be done easily. 

  1. Log into the cloud hosting account and open the “Add New App” function. This space is empty because this is the place where a user puts his WordPress server. 
  2. Select a point in the pop-up window (it should be the only option).
  1. Open a new page, download, and install the most up-to-date version of the WordPress program. 
  2. Name an application but this will not be the name of the user’s blog. If he needs multiple servers, it will be easier to distinguish between them. 
  3. Wait a couple of minutes for the blog to load into Cloudways hosting and log in to check its functionality. 
  4. Load a second or third server if a user plans to work with several blogs.
  1. Now users need to attach their blog (website) to a domain. Select the appropriate type and go to the administration panel to set a password. Cloudways WordPress login and dashboard should work fine if the consumer followed all the steps correctly.

Cloudways Console Features

Cloudways WordPress hosting review will share the features available to users in “Server Management”. Scroll down to adjust the settings according to personal requirements. 

  • Safety. There is a journal with IP addresses (white list). These are the users who have gained access to the server. 
  • Backups. Configure this function if a user wants the system to automatically create a copy of server images for cloud storage. The retention frequency can be 1,2,3 days or a week. 
  • Monitoring. One of the coolest features of this provider. Cloudways provides a load graph, incoming traffic, number of operations per second, and 1 more excellent opportunity for monitoring and analyzing a server. 
  • Traffic control. With a sharp increase in the traffic of attendance, a user can configure the dedicated server resources. Traffic has increased and it has not affected or disrupted the performance of the site. 
  • Other settings. Manage MySQL, Apache, and cache memory settings. Use the transfer tools to move the site. Users also have additional options for managing DNS and transactional email services.

Cloudways Trial

This Cloudways WordPress review proves that cloud servers can have more useful features and capabilities to keep consumer’s marketplace profitable and efficient. The user’s site is developing and he can increase his hosting resources. Cloudways hosting review shows that this provider is doing everything it can to ensure that users may master its strengths. Users can try the trial version and choose the most suitable monthly plan. Cloudways uptime, storage capacity, backup, site transfer to another server, earnings on an affiliate program – all this is available for free in the trial. If the consumer is satisfied with the option set of the Cloudways server provider, it is possible to purchase the monthly plan after the trial pack comes to an end.