CloudFlare for WordPress for your Business

Most business representatives have WordPress websites to achieve their corporate goals and complement their entrepreneurship prospects. There are many helpful tools to make the site’s performance more advanced. One of the notable solutions for the WP websites that provides new-level APO, high-quality setting optimization, and other benefits is CloudFlare for WordPress.

It is necessary to find out more about this content delivery network and its advantages for your website first. CloudFlare is one of the most popular CDN in the world that is used by millions of WP developers. It aims to improve the total loading speed of the site and bring other benefits to count on. CloudFlare CDN for WordPress allows you to load your website page faster and without misrepresentation of graphical content with the help of the server-based stored files. Let’s take a closer look at this process to understand the main conception.

Why Use CloudFlare for Your WordPress Websites?

Having been considered the most demandable CDN in the world, CloudFlare obtains an impressive network that spans more than 90 countries globally. You should understand that each WP site is hosted by a specific server that depends on the geo specifications. It means that faster loading of the website is available for users who are located nearer to your hosting server. Those Internet surfers whose location is further can face slow speed of the loading pages together with misrepresentation of the pictures, graphics, tables, and other content like CSS files, JavaScript items, etc.

To solve this problem, the CloudFlare CDN is used. It not only improves your loading speed but benefits your website performance, security level, and SEO. Right after you managed to setup CloudFlare for WordPress, the question with geo-dependence is closed. The content delivery network finds the nearest server for the current user and offers all the static data fast and in an accurate manner. All necessary files are stored on different servers that make it possible to find the closest one for the information distribution.  

To sum up, the main benefit of the CloudFlare CDN is the improved user-friendliness quality due to the high-level loading speeds. Other advantages to take into consideration are presented below.

Other 8 Reasons for Using CloudFlare for the WP Sites

As can be seen before, CloudFlare settings for WordPress and CDN use have a positive impact on the general site performance. It can be explained with the help of 8 (eight) supplementary benefits of this content delivery network. Moreover, if you use the WP site for business purposes and promote your goods or services on the Internet:

  • Improved APO – the Word Press website that obtains better loading speed with the help of the CloudFlare implementation demonstrates better automatic platform optimization.
  • Better DDoS site’s protection – the WordPress business websites are usually hacked with the help of distributed denial-of-service attacks and other hackers’ activities. CloudFlare complements all possible safety measures to protect the site from scammers.
  • Free SSL certificates – one more way to provide users with secure online services. Your website will make data transmission safe and any transactions risk-free for your consumers.
  • Regular automated updates – the CloudFlare cache is refreshed regularly in an automated mode that makes your website always updated to the requirements and demands of your potential consumers.
  • Better SEO for your WP site – some experts stated that the CloudFlare use affects search engine optimization. But this is a misconception because all the changes provided by CDN complement your SEO. Your website search positions will become even better with improved security and performance.
  • One-click settings – optimization is available in several clicks that simplifies the setup process of CloudFlare for non-tech website owners. Everything is done in an easy way without complicated steps.
  • Automatic HTTPS rewrites for secure connections – forget about unsafe URLs that harm your site’s protection. The CDN plugin includes the option for mixed WP content through the implementation of automatic HTTPS rewrites.
  • CloudFlare Firewall rules for WordPress – these built-in rulesets are accessible in the paid plans for this CDN to be set up. Any vulnerabilities are excluded because WAF (web app Firewall) provides supplementary protection tools for your WP site.  

Speaking about advanced versions (paid plans), there are extra options to take into account. Among them are load balancing, well-managed DNS, railgun compensation, improved streaming, and many more.

How to Setup CloudFlare for WordPress?

If you agree that this network will be helpful for your WordPress website, it is high time to know how to setup CloudFlare for WordPress to contribute to your online business project. We will describe several methods for your convenience. Select the one you consider the most comfortable and suitable for your purposes. Note that paid plans allow you to optimize CloudFlare for WordPress according to your individual demands.

Method 1 – CloudFlare activation

  • Create a CloudFlare account to initiate the activation process.
  • Add the URL of your website and wait several minutes. It is worth noting that the network will add all your DNS files automatically. But sometimes you need to add missed items manually. Be attentive to your records not to miss any.
  • Now, you need to change your nameservers. You will get the notification about the following steps right after CloudFlare activation.

That’s all. When you change your servers’ name, the CloudFlare account is considered activated like other helpful options of this network for your WordPress website.

Method 2 – Activate CloudFlare Through Hosting Partners

It is possible to work with the network partners and get all the possible offerings through the channel, tech, alliance CloudFlare partner network. Visit the network website to get more information on this opportunity.

Method 3 – CloudFlare Setup with the Help of the Plugin

Most of the WP site owners select this method to activate the network of their interest. The CloudFlare plugin for WordPress is available on the official website of the popular CDN. The algorithm is very simple. You need to download this plugin and install it. Follow all the recommendations to activate the CloudFlare plugin. This way you will get access to the best CloudFlare page rules for WordPress and will stay pleased with the final result.

Additionally, you need to undertake several more steps to complete the activation process properly. You need to get your Global API key to finish the procedure. For these purposes, do the following actions:

  1. Open the CloudFlare dashboard.
  2. Find the section named “My Profile”.
  3. Here you will find your unique code – Global API key.
  1. Copy this key to complete the process. Use this code for verification. You should open your WordPress administration panel and find the Setting section. You will see the window for API Credentials to specify necessary information.
  2. Specify your API key and your email address. The plugin is activated. 
  1. Open its setting menu to optimize it according to your requirements.

Remember that there is a range of recommended settings that are aligned with the CloudFlare page rules for WordPress. Among them are switched on “Always Online” mode, web sockets, geo-locations, and other options.

The Final Word

The Space Xtemos team specializes in WordPress templates to make your private and business websites attractive and profitable. Stay tuned to our news to find out more helpful tips and tech recommendations that can complement your WP site. We aim to simplify most of your routine tasks and make all your prospects real with our unique, fully-customizable themes and a useful piece of advice.Try CloudFlare WordPress optimization to achieve more business goals with the help of better site performance, faster page loading speed, and improved protection level. Select free or paid plans offered by the reputable content delivery network. The current CloudFlare WordPress price can be easily found on the official website of the CDN service provider.