Meta Generator WordPress Removal Detailed Description

WordPress websites are among the most popular nowadays. People promote their business, create blogs to increase media outreach, and gain recognition on the Internet, use sites for e-commerce projects. There are many technical aspects to take into account to achieve various purposes with the help of the WP websites. One of them is the meta generator WordPress tag.

It is responsible for the generation of tags and codes for search engines. Meta generator WordPress tag assembles titles and meta description of the page and transfers this information to search engines. It looks like the HTML code and aims to deliver a proper general page description for the page ranking. But in some cases, it is important to remove the WP meta generator tag in order to protect the website and improve the general SEO statistics.

The Main Reasons for Meta Generator WordPress Removal

Some pages are useless for the WP site search engine optimization (SEO). That is why the removal of the WP meta box generator will be the perfect solution. Additionally, one more reason to remove this tag is to increase the site protection level. The WordPress version number that is displayed with the help of the meta box generator can be used by scammers and other third parties to get access to your digital platform.

To protect your website meta generator WordPress tag is recommended. This way you will not show your WP version number to the public and hide some of your page from search engines. The general SEO showings will be improved together with the security measures against cyber-attacks related to the version data.   

By the way, do not forget to update your WordPress settings and other parameters concerning your WP site automatically. The latest version contains more advanced safety measures and uses the newest protection techniques to avoid the negative impact of version-related attacks, cyber risks, and other scams. But your website is still vulnerable if the meta name generator WordPress is not removed still. We are going to show how to undertake safe and risk-free removal manually. Take a closer look at our helpful tips and recommendations on how to do this yourself.

Two Methods of Meta Generator WordPress Tag Removal

It is worth noting that your ongoing steps depend on the WordPress version you obtain. For example, beginning with the 2.5 version, the WP automatically-done settings allow to remove meta name generator WordPress tag from the Template description in default. The system adds it to the core for better site protection. If this process took place, note that you are not able to do any changes anymore. It means that it will be very difficult and almost impossible to remove the tag from your template-based file starting from this moment.

If your WordPress version is 2.4 and older, there are two methods to take into consideration for convenient removal that can protect your website and complement your SEO. One of them is undertaken with the help of a special-purpose plugin. Another one is also not very complicated to handle – you need to remove your meta generator WordPress tag from functions.php. 

Method 1 – Removal with the Help of a Special Plugin

Today, there is a huge selection of various plugins that can complement both your protection level and website functionality (together with visualization and other parameters). That is why we will not recommend one plugin that is available for installation on the modern software market. You will be able to find the best program according to your demands and purposes. Nevertheless, remember that you need to select reliable soft not to bring access to your site for hackers.

Plugins are a very popular way to attack WordPress websites. That is why pay attention to the program you choose for removal and other additional specifications. Speaking about the process of the generator tag removing, there is a common algorithm to follow:

  1. Install a plugin of your interest. Most of them are free, so you need to pick sides with the most optimal program. Read reviews first and make the right choice.
  2. Activate the plugin. Open your admin panel and find an icon of your new plugin.
  1. It is necessary to find a section of Security Fixers there. This way you will be able to select a suitable option for removal.
  2. Find a command “Remove Meta Generator” and click the button to initiate the tag removal process.

That’s all, this is a simple and fast procedure that will improve your safety level and make your website even more SEO-friendly with the help of meta description generator WordPress removal. One more variant is to remove the tag from functions.php. This method will be described in our next block.

Method 2 – Removal from functions.php

It is worth mentioning that some coding actions should be done. But do not worry that it is difficult. You should change a little the file called functions.php. If you still have doubts about the efficiency of this method and its reliability, ask some tech specialist to do this. Most of the coding experts will cope with this task in seconds. But if you have decided to remove the tag yourself, follow our algorithm. It contains only several steps to accomplish:

  • Open the system WP file functions.php
  • Use a special coding program or an editor to add the following code:
remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');
  • Save the changes in the file. That’s all. Your WordPress meta description tag is deactivated. The removal process came to an end.

It is worth noting that some specialists recommend creating manually a site-specific WordPress plugin for the second removal method we have recently described. But this step requires additional skills and knowledge. If you are ready to do this, find more information, and try your forces. From our side, we can say that it is also not a very complicated mission. Then, you will upload your manually-created special plugin and customize your functions in any possible way.

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