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    Please, configure it without files modifications so we can check how it works by default.



    You can check how it works by default with the default WordPress theme ? You can see there how the options from the form are passing to the cart etc.

    We configured it that way. I don’t see any point trying to rebuild it now just so you can see how it works by default? You can see how it doesn’t works when you activate the child theme.


    We also see that when we activate the parent theme, there is JS error in the console caused by your custom JS code https://gyazo.com/bd7fa2b803e87dcac59a200060dd738d



    Thanks for the notes of this JS code. We moved it a while ago in the admin header and forgot to remove it from the theme custom JS. I just removed it. But on child template we don’t have that error so this couldn’t be the problem.


    Could you please check how it works now with the parent theme? If there is still a problem, please, describe how to see it.



    It seems that it is working now with the parent theme. However how can we determine what is the issue with the child theme?


    If it works with the parent theme then the plugin is compatible with the theme and the problem with your customization code.



    That’s it? Can you explain the reason why it is working on Safari and not on other browsers? And probably guide us from where that issue might be coming?


    We tested it on different browsers and it works well now. The problem may be in the code you added. Probably you changed the structure of the single product page. You would better ask plugin’s developers about their requirements.



    No sorry, I meant that with the child theme is working on Safari browser, and it’s not working on other browsers… In that case the problem wouldn’t be in the page structure, since it is working on Safari.


    Sorry, but we are not able to answer this question since this code is not a part of the theme and we can’t know how it supposed to work.


    Hello there,

    As we can see, the problem was already resolved. Would be so kind and remove your negative feedback on ThemeForest? We will highly appreciate this since we provided you with all the necessary help.

    Thank you for understanding.




    Sorry, but this is your last reply:

    Sorry, but we are not able to answer this question since this code is not a part of the theme and we can’t know how it supposed to work.

    This didn’t really resolved our issue and we resolved it a day after that.

    The review we left was based only on Support interaction between you and us. As explained before, we are working with many other themes that are busy as you are, because we know that it’s hard to keep all the clients happy. But they are immediately resolving issues & fix issues that are sometimes beyond the theme.

    Maybe you can learn from what we’ve said and next time we are in need of your support you can do better 🙂 Then you can receive the rating you deserve!

    Kind regards,



    Thank you very much for your reply.

    And sorry, but the review is not fair since the delay was caused by you and not by our support team. You were not able to provide all the request information for a few days and you can see that it is true, just read first messages. And we helped you to resolve the issue pointing you to the place where the error can be. Since it is not our theme’s code we were not able to fix it but we helped you to find the problem. So please, be so kind and remove the rating while the theme is still working correctly as was advertised. If you will have additional issues, we will keep your recommendation in mind and will do our best to avoid such delays in future interactions.

    Thank you for understanding.



    No problem.

    As previously explained all of the given passwords were working, so that means it is not our fault that you have problem with copying it or stuff like that.

    We agree that you pointed the issue and that really helped us, so you deserve to get more then 1 star. How can we remove our review ?


    It was kind of misunderstanding between us but we never meant to delay our help.
    You can change the review in the downloads section https://themeforest.net/downloads

    Thank you in advance.

Viewing 16 posts - 31 through 46 (of 46 total)

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