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    Hi there,

    In the theme settings –> footer, there are only a few things possible:

    – Single Column
    – Two columns
    – Three columns
    – Four columns
    – Six columns

    Do you also have a layout for five (5) columns?
    I can’t fix this with the HTML Blocks because otherwise the layout is very different…

    I have 5 columns now, made with HTML Blocks, but then the layout is different on the mobile phone.


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    Unfortunately, Footer layouts do not have the layout of 5 columns. If you check any layout, for example, 4 columns, you will see that they are aligned in one column on mobile.

    You can set any width of the columns in the HTML on different devices: https://wpbakery.com/video-academy/control-elements-different-devices-responsive-column-controls/

    Alternatively, you can consider two rows layouts https://prnt.sc/10mj2du , they have 5 columns layouts, leave the first Footer Colum empty and you would get such a result https://prnt.sc/10mj16a

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards


    Thanks for your response.

    I made 5 columns with the HTML Blocks. On the computer it looks great. That’s not the problem.
    See printscreen. https://ibb.co/JQPb5Z6

    But now I have the following problem:
    On the homepage I have a revolution slider. For this I made the column in the length smaller so that the slider connects to the footer. The column on the website is now -50px down under.

    But when i open this on the mobile phone, it looks like this:

    So there is a problem with the -50px on the mobile phone.
    Some of the text disappears behind the slider on the mobile phone.
    Do you have a CSS so you can see the whole footer on the mobile?



    You can assign a class to the row which you set top margin: -50px, then set this margin the Theme Settings > Custom CSS > Desktop/tablet, and remove the margin in the row setting, as a result, you will have -50px top margin in the desktop and tablet, however, zero margin and nice look on mobile.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards


    Thanks for your response Elise.

    I remove the CSS now from the row settings at the page. But do you have the CSS code for me to have -50px at the desktop and tablet?


    Problem is already solved!

    Found it.

    Thanks for all your help.

    You can close this topic!


    We are always happy to help you, write to us when you have any difficulties or issues with our theme.

    We would be grateful for 5 stars rate on http://themeforest.net/downloads in case you are satisfied with our theme and customer service

    Thank you in advance

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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