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Clicking mobile “Back” button on checkout page

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    Hello, I hope you are well.

    On mobile device, after adding a product and go to the checkout page, if clicking the “Back” button on the checkout page, it will return to the product page but the cart will go empty, although the product is still there if refreshing the page.

    It seems that’s a bug of Woodmart theme, you can find this problem at the following demo site on mobile device:

    May I have some php/js code to fix this problem, please?

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    Elise Noromit


    Thank you very much for choosing our theme and for contacting us.

    Please deactivate all the plugins except these ones:

    Slider Revolution
    WPBakery Page Builder or Elementor
    Woodmart Core
    Contact Form 7
    MailChimp for WordPress
    Safe SVG

    If the problem has gone, activate the plugins one by one, checking the issue to detect which one causes the problem.

    In case, the problem remains, even after all the plugins are deactivated, provide your site admin access (insert the site credentials into the Private content block under the message area) and confirm the permission for plugins deactivation, switching to the parent or default theme. As soon as we complete the testing we will enable all back, however, the site would be without plugins for 15-20 min. You would better make the full backup of your site.

    Best Regards



    The bug is also on Woodmart official demo website, please try to use mobile deive to check your website:

    Can you please deactivate all the plugins on your server and fix it, please?


    Elise Noromit


    Please make the full backup of your site and check the issue on the Storefront theme to detect if our theme causes the problem. Storefront is a free theme developed by WooСommerce.

    Best Regards



    The issue doesn’t appear in Storefront theme, they are not using ajax mini-cart, they will go to cart page when clicking the cart button. If we disable the ajax mini-cart feature of Woodmart theme, the website doesn’t have this problem.

    May you please try to use Android mobile device to access the following official woodmart demo website?

    1. Choose a product color and click “Add to Cart”
    2. Click “Checkout” button in the sidebar shopping cart
    3. Click the “Back” button on the Android device
    4. It will go back to Product page, but the product is disappeared in the sidebar shopping cart

    The problem we are facing is exactly the same as your demo website.



    Artem Temos


    This functionality comes with WooCommerce and not with the theme. And it works in the exact same way with any WooCommerce theme including Storefront. Please, do the following to reproduce this issue on Storefront:

    1. Add something to the cart

    2. Go to the cart page

    3. Click on the Back button

    4. Move your mouse over the widget in the header and see that there is no dropdown with products.

    5. Refresh the page and see the dropdown correctly.

    Kind Regards

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)