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    Could You please help find answers to those questions regarding translated pages?
    I suppose that should be something simple, but can’t figure out. Tried some things, which I found in Woodmart and WPML support forums, but no luck..

    1) I have set that it is possible to see color swatches in shop page in my main language. Now I have translated the pages, but they are now shown in translated pages. There is just products without color swatches. In product pages those colors are working fine. Could You recommend, what to do, so color swatches are shown in shop page? Adding screenshots -with and without color swatches.

    2) I have added html block to my products, which is shown in Prefooter. Everything is fine in main page, but in translations those blocks are shown: After content (not Prefooter). See screenshot (single product layout)

    3) Singe product sidebar. I am using widgets. I made widgets in sidebar for each language separate widget. They are shown in main page, but not in translated page. There I can see just the title, but not everything else. See screenshot (single product layout)

    4) Custom layouts. I have set in Post type translations, that they are translatable. But they are not showing in translated pages…

    Sending You info to access the site.

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    1. You need to translate all the pages, products, attributes, and categories. As soon as you have all the translations, the shop page will show all in the translations in the same way as it is in the initial language. You need to contact WPML, and get the appropriate addon for attribute translation.

    2. Please check the WPML settings, you have set English in the site settings, and Latviešu in the WPML, contact them and ask them to configure WPML correctly.

    3. Please install the free Classic widget plugin, add two equal widgets, and select the appropriate language for everyone.

    4. I am checking and I see the option to translate the layout: https://gyazo.com/6b414a21c67e9046c994ef5b28f49a41
    Please translate the layout in the default translator.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards



    Hello, Elise!

    Your response wasn’t helpful, because I had translated everything.. so I asked the same questions to WPML to solve those problems 🙂

    Sharing them here as well, maybe someone will find those solutions useful 🙂

    1) I found out that, when WP Rocket is disabled, the variations is working. Problem was solved by following this troubleshoot video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEy0Pi9K5RQ&list=PL1W4eiyFeFxckt-bu8UFCv7TSFX376JiF&index=5

    2) Block was translated, but the field to set where the HTML block should appear was set to “Not translatable”. I changed the preference to “copy” and saved the default Product without making any changes. The issue has been resolved immediately after that. Just needed to update each product after that.

    3) Sidebar widget was made with different elements. I had sidebar widget group for each language, but needed to add for each element (which is in the widget group) separately appropriate language setting.

    4) Custom layout was translated, but it wasn’t showing in English version. The problem was, that I needed to apply English version ID to this category: Layouts->Edit conditions->and choose appropriate translation with different ID.

    At the end everything is working. Thanks! 🙂



    We are glad you have solved the issues, if you still have any doubts on WP Rocket settings, please check this manual: https://xtemos.com/wordpress-performance-optimization-the-ultimate-guide-in-2021/#Step_4

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

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