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    Our website has an extreme high cpu uses since updating to version 4.4. there are a lot of wpml queries causing this problem. im downgrading to 4.3 now in the hopes this solves my problem

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    back on 4.3 and the server is cooling down.

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    Please, describe to us your problems in a bit more details. Attach some screenshots and provide us with a list of steps on how to reproduce it on your website. Install 4.3 and 4.4 versions of our theme in different folders and provide us an instructions on how can we see these queries.

    Thank you in advance.


    hi Artem,

    since I’m no longer using 4.4 I’m unable to do this on the production server where this problem was found. I’ll try to update the current setting to our development server. But since the problem isn’t constant it’s hard to find it when you check for a few minutes.
    what I can tell you is this. monday morning at 9:00 i’ve updated from 4.3 to 4.4 after that i realized that the website was getting slower when it tried to receive data from the database. there has not been another update or change in the server / website that could have created this problem other that the update to 4.4, woodcore and wpbakery.
    I contacted our hosting provider and he told me that there was a rare increase on WPML queries which started to hit over 100% CPU limiter. There are several cronjobs running on the server so first thing we did was disabling cronjobs that are running every 2 minute. Nothing changed.
    So today the problems where very heavy again so I decided to check if the woodmart update could be the problem since there has been an wpml core update. I’ve reinstalled 4.3 including the plugin core and after that no more problems.


    PHP 7.4
    WPML 4.3.6
    Wordpress: 5.3.2


    If you will check our changelog you can see that 4.4 is a very light update with a few design changes and a new demo version. We didn’t change any functionality parts. Moreover, you say that WPML queries cause this then you need to contact WPML for help in this situation.


    Hi Artem,

    my intensions where never to point fingers just to notify. after a deeper research our site is being attacked by DDOS. sorry that i jumped the wrong conclusion. the problem was that this was at the same time as the update


    OK, we are glad that you sorted it out. Contact us if you will have any questions.

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