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    Hi Support

    I am having an issue with the CSS output for the HTML blocks. I do believe that there are many conflicting CSS stylesheets for the theme, wpbakery and wordpress child theme.

    I am also noticing that the theme is overwriting my custom css, even if it is page specific or within the custom CSS option in the theme settings, the CSS still does not change.

    Please could you assist me with editing the theme css as the theme custom CSS editor does not seem to overwrite the settings, even with the !important option.



    Thank you very much for choosing our theme and contacting us.

    Please provide you page URL and screen of the element you are trying to modify. We shall explain how to do it. More likely you choose the wrong selector.

    Best Regards



    Hi Elise, sorry for the late reply.

    It seems to be a site wide issue, not only with the HTML Blocks. I have use your theme as well as WPBakery for a while now, so I am familiar with the selectors and how to set up page-specific CSS.

    I have tried page specific, main theme CSS, child Stylesheet.css with the same selectors and none seem to be working.

    I have defaulted all typography in the theme options to ‘null’

    It seems that there is something in the theme options that is overwriting all font settings. The site is fresh, meaning that it was fresh install of wordpress, theme and plugins. I have Version 5.5.2 of WPBakery which I see is the latest version.

    Maybe there is a setting or something that is overriding my custom CSS changes.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated

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    Artem Temos


    Please, send us a link to the page where you added this code so we can review it.

    Thank you



    Hey Artem, I am unable to do that because I am building locally.

    As mentioned, I am finding this issue site-wide across pages, posts and HTML blocks.

    It seems that the theme is overriding font-specific selectors.

    I will continue to build locally until I push it to a live server –

    Any suggestions would be appreciated at this time



    Hi Artem, it seems that inline selectors work however if I add the selector to the WPbakery option it is inherited and overwritten.

    For now, I will work with inline styles.


    Artem Temos


    We checked it on our development environment and it works correctly. Probably, there is some error in the code you add. So if you will need more help on this, contact us when your website will be moved to a real hosting and we will investigate it.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)