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    Hi, at the moment my product images for the categories are set to 200 X 200 and it works fine for categories and sub categories as there is a side bar on the left. But the recent-products page is also set as 4 products per grid and since there is no side bar on the left for this page I think it is trying to fill the page by stretching the images. Is there any way i can prevent it? I thought that the best way is to make it 5 per column so it will look better( only for this page)

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    You can use our Products element and specify different images size for this page only. Try to set 263×263 to make them perfectly fit.




    I would rather not create one more image size.
    1.Is it possible to list 5 items instead of 4 in a row?
    2.If not is it possible to make the image size to stay to its original size ( 200 X 200) without stretching.
    3. I non of the above possible, could you please advice where to go for product elements to specify the image size?



    1. Sorry, but there is no 5 columns options for our products grid.

    2. It is not possible if you are using a lazy loading option.

    3. Just edit this element with WPBakery page builder and find the option there.



    When i had a similar issue before with my product image ( where it was stretching) you gave me this following code to be added to the child theme css

    .single-product-content .product-images {
    width: 430px!important;

    can’t you do the same to make the size 200 X 200 for the recent products page images?


    Try to add the following code for desktop devices only

    .page-id-2605 .product-grid-item img {
    	width: 200px!important;
    .page-id-2605 .product-grid-item  {


    Thanks, it worked.


    You are welcome! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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