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Main Menu not expanding options downward

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    Hello! I have 3 problems with my template that would like to figure out, I would really appreciate your help!!

    1. I want the main menu where the template says “Home / Shop / Blog / Pages / Elements / Buy” to expand with options downward as it does in the template. (See attached photo) At some point, I deleted it because I thought I wouldn’t need to use it, and now the bullet point no longer appears, or if I hover over it, it doesn’t display more information. But I want to be able to expand information downward again.

    2. The icons in the “browse categories” menu are very odd because I was able to change all the ones I highlighted in green, but the ones I highlighted in red do not appear in the same place where the others appear for me to change them, so I don’t know from where I can change those.

    3. Also, in the “browse categories” menu, I want to add more categories with the option to add subcategories with the bullet point “>” so that the options expand, but it is no longer allowing me to add more with bullet points, it only lets me add more categories without the possibility of a bullet point. Is there a way to add more with bullet points?

    Thank you! I hope I have been clear. (See attached photos of each of the problems)

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    01. This is the Mega Menu. If you want a dropdown like the demo, try to create a HTML Block and set the drop down settings from Appearance > Menu.

    02. Navigate to Products > Categories > Edit Category and in the edit category page change the icons.

    03. Navigate to Appearance > menu > Edit Category Menu and add the categories menu and menu sub items. You can check the categories Menu from WoodMart > Header Builder > Edit Current Header > Configure Categories settings and check the menu.

    Best Regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)