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    Problem #1
    I would like to have text over image for portfolio style as is for the blog post. Please see attached image. Is it possible to include it in the portfolio style or is there a way to make it manually with CSS or something.

    Problem #2
    Also it is not cropping images to keep the same height for all items, which makes thing annoying if you have plenty portfolio items with various image sizes. I would have to make 100+ custom featured images with same aspect ratio to solve this problem.

    In the slider settings there are custom fields. One of them is “slide_animation” it is set to “none” I didn’t found anything on this topic in the documentation. What are the options for the slide animation. Is there a possibility for ken burns effect, or simple zoom.

    Thank you.

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    01. Navigate to Theme Settings > Portfolio > Portfolio Archive > Choose the available portfolio style.

    02. Can you please share the page url s i will check and give you a possible solution.

    03. Navigate to Slide > Edit Sliders > Check the Slide change animation.

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    I think you didn’t understand.

    01. There is ONLY text over image on hover, but I want it as default state so text over image is always visible not only on hover, there is no such style in the portfolio styles.

    02. This is only demo site, I am preparing website for new client.

    03. I am not talking about slide change animation I am talking about slide image animation as ken burns or zoom effect of the image.



    01. Try to add the following Custom CSS code in the Global Custom CSS area under Theme Settings >> Custom CSS.

    .portfolio-hover:hover .portfolio-thumbnail {
        transform: none !important;
    	-webkit-transform: none !important;

    02. It is an issue due to image size. Unfortunately, we don’t have such settings that will make portfolio items with the same height regardless of the size of the images. Try to upload the images of the same size and check the issue.

    03. You need to edit the slide with a page builder. If you are using image in the slide > edit this image element and set the animation.

    See the screenshot for a better understanding:

    Best Regards.




    01. Not working, It didn’t changed anything. Portfolio thumbnail info is still hover only.

    02. I solved it

    03. I solved it with using slider revolution instead of build in slider.



    Sorry but there is no option in Theme Settings available for that.

    It requires customizations and this is beyond our limitations and support policy.

    Xtemos Studios



    Could you include such style in the future updates?



    For the betterment of the Theme you can post your suggestions/requests related to Theme on the following Feature Request thread:

    So, if the Development Department finds it fits with the Theme environment then surely they will look through it.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Have a great day.

    Topic Closed.
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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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