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Promo timer off by one day

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    The countdown timer displays an end-date one day too early plus an additional 2 hours anticipation.

    The data-end-date data attribute is off by -26 hours and data-timezone incorrectly returns GMT, as this WordPress is set to UTC+2.

    I’m not understanding if this an issue with Woodmart or some other component.

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    Thank you very much for choosing our theme and for contacting us.

    Please, provide your site admin access (insert the site credentials into the Private content block under the message area) and confirm the permission for plugins deactivation, switching to the parent or default theme. This testing may take up to 15 minutes. You would better make the full backup of your site.

    Best Regards



    Hi Elise

    I’m providing you with access to a staging clone of the live website.
    You may procede with plugins deactivation, switching to the parent or default theme.

    Thank you in advance



    I have checked one of your products and I see that it expires in 13 hours. The timer works till 24:00 I see it inherits the timezone of the user. It explores in 13 hours. This feature has been added by WoodMart. If you want to use the very precise count-down time you would better be using the count-down element added by means of HTML block in extra content:

    Please create HTML block: https://xtemos.com/docs/woodmart/html-blocks-2/

    Add countdown timer: https://xtemos.com/docs/woodmart/shortcodes-2/

    Then chose the HTML block from the drop-down in the Extra content: https://xtemos.com/docs/woodmart/product-page-options/#local_settings

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)