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    my site very very slow and i tried many solution to solve that but it did not work, i moved my site from shared host to VPS host but i am still face slowness response also i set up name server to cloud flare to increase speed but no progress. could you help with that.
    The time for fully load is 26.611s


    Artem Temos


    In general, our theme is already optimized and doesn’t have too many resources to make your website slow. Most likely, your website performance suffers from the content you have added to your website. It may happen in case of too many plugins, large not optimized images, or other resources. So we suggest you remove unnecessary plugins, install some kind of JS & CSS optimizing plugins like Better WordPress Minify and a caching plugin like WP Super Cache or use WP Rocket for both tasks. Also, you can use the GTmetrix tool to see what makes your website slow and optimize these parts of your website.

    Kind Regards
    XTemos Studio


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)