Product page options

Product page can be configured globally in the Theme Settings – > Product page. Besides each product page has a set of options allowing to configure each page individually.

Global product page settings


Single Product Sidebar – Sidebar and content alignment for single product pages: 1 column means no sidebar, 2 column left/2 column right means sideber is aligned left/right accordingly.

Sidebar size – Different sizes for  single product pages sidebar.

Product page design – Predefined designs, view demo: DefaultAlternativeImage scrollCompact.

Product image width – Different page layout depending on the product image size: Small image, Medium, Large.

Thumbnails position – vertical or horizontal position: Left (vertical position), Bottom (gorizontal position).

Main carousel auto height –  Useful for images with different height.

Remove duplicate price for variable product – By selecting a variation, the price on the single product page will be updated with an actual variation price.

Additional variations images – An ability to upload additional images for each variation in variable products.

Main image click action – Enable/disable zoom option or switch to photoswipe popup.

Show “Zoom image” icon – Click to open image in popup and swipe to zoom.

Product background – Background for the products page.

Show share buttons – Share buttons icons on the single product page.

Share buttons type – Option to switch between share and follow buttons on the single product page.

Show attributes table after short description – Option to show attributes table instead of short description.

Stock progress bar – a number of sold and in stock products as a progress bar.


Scroll top on variation select [desktop]  / [mobile] – the page will be scrolled up to show the variation image in the main product gallery on a variation selecting.

Countdown timer -Show timer for products that have scheduled date for the sale price.

Countdown for variable products  – Sale end date will be based on the first variation date of the product.

Hide tabs headings – The option to hide duplicated titles for product tabs.

Hide products navigation.

Images captions on Photo Swipe lightbox –  The option to show the caption texts below images when the photoswipe popup is open. Captions can be added to the images via the Media library.


Size guides – Turns on the size guide feature on the website. More information about this function in our documentation.

AJAX Add to cart – Turns on the AJAX add to cart option on the single product page. Will not work with plugins that add some custom fields to the add to cart form.

Sticky add to cart – Add to cart section will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on scrolling down the page  for all devices, exepting mobile.

Sticky add to cart on mobile – Add to cart section will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on scrolling down the page  for mobile only.

Before/after “Add to cart button” text area – These fields are useful to place additional information (any text or shortcode/HTML block) applied for all the products in the best place of the product page.

Additional tab title and Additional tab content – the tab added globaly to all the products. The tab content is presented as Shipment and Delivery tab on Product pages on the Demo sites.


Show related products –  Related Products is a section that pulls products from the store that share the same tags or categories as the current product.

Related product count – The total number of related products to display.

Related product columns – products number per row.

Related product view – Grid or Slider, these settings will be applied for upsells products as well.

Local product page settings

Each product page has a set of options allowing to configure each page individually. These options are provided in Product Settings  (custom meta box from the theme) tab inside a product page.  The configurations set in the product page will overite the settings from the Theme Settings > Product page.


Product page design: Inherit (in this case the product will have the design configured in the Theme Settings), Default, Centered.

Product image width:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Single product background – the option to set a background color on the product page.

  1. Sidebar position: Inherit, Without, Left, Right.
  2. Sidebar size: Inherit, Medium, Large.
  3. Custom sidebar for this product – the dropdown with the option to set any sidebar existing in Appearance > Widgets.

Extra content block:  the dropdown allowing to choose and set any HTML block created  More info

Extra content position: After content, Before Content, Prefooter


Hide tabs headings checkbox:  Description and Additional information

Custom tab title field and Custom tab content text area. It is possible to insert HTML block shortcode  In the content text area


Mark product as “New” till date – the option to specify the end date when the “New” status will be retired. NOTE: “Permanent “New” label” option should be disabled if you use the exact date.

Permanent “New” label checkbox – the option to set “New” status forever for the product.

Hide related products checkbox: the option to hide related products on this page

Grid swatch attribute to display drop-down: the option to rewrite the configuration set in the Theme Settings > Shop > Attribute swatches. Attribute that will be shown on products grid for this particular product as swatches.

Product video URL field: the option to insert Vimeo or YouTube video URL. For example

The Instagram product hashtag field: the option to Insert tag that will be used to display images from Instagram from your customers. For example: #nike_rush_run

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