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Installation Process

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Installation Process

Theme Installation

There are two ways to upload any theme into WordPress site: Admin panel and FTP. The most recommended way is uploading via Admin panel, however, sometimes there may be size limitation for files uploaded that is why this manual provides both ways:

Upload Theme through WordPress Admin panel

Way 1: install the theme through the WordPress Dashboard:

Locate file and sign into your WordPress Dashboard (e.g., ). Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload, and select the file, click “Install Now“. Once the theme is uploaded you will need to activate it in Appearance > Themes.

  1. Sign in to your admin panel in
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New -> Upload theme
  3. Choose file
  4. Wait while the theme is uploading, install and activate it.

Make sure ZIP file contains folders and files of the  theme, not the inner additional ZIP.

Upload Theme with FTP

Way 2: upload through the FTP

You need to upload the theme zip file to folder and unzip it. You can use

your web-hosting control panel (cPanel, ISPManager etc.) or you can connect to your server through the FTP client like FileZilla

and upload already unzipped  WoodMart folder:

  • Connect to your hosting (server) via FTP client
  • Upload your theme folder to folder
  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes and activate Theme.
  • Open your site and check if everything is okay
Install Plugins

Before start working with the theme, it is necessary to install required and recommended plugins that come with our theme package.

You can automatically install all plugins in Appearance -> Install Plugins. Alternatively, you can install plugins in the Plugins tab:

  1. Go to Appearance -> Install Plugins
  2. Check all plugins you want (required plugins are important for theme to work)
  3. Choose install and click "Apply"
  4. Wait until all plugins will be installed, activate.

Important!  WoodMart works with either WP Bakery builder or Elementor builder at once, but not with both at the same time. In the process of the installation of the plugin, please install one building plugin, you are going to use. It is not possible to convert an existing site that is built on WP bakery page builder into Elementor. In order to have a site basing on the Elementor builder, it is necessary to replicate the site from scratch on a new WordPress installation with the Elementor plugin.

The next step after all the plugins have been installed is to enable the building plugin that would be used on site: WP Bakery page builder or Elementor plugin in the Theme Settings - > General.

As soon as WoodMart theme has been installed and activated together with all the related plugins, the Dashobord gets Theme Settings and WoodMart tab ensuring the possibility to customize the view of a web-site.

Tabs and items in the Dashboard related to the WoodMart:

Projects (custom type post for Portfolio);

HTML blocks (WP bakery page builder/Elemetor templates)

Size Guides (option to assign size table to product or products in a popup)

Slides (light slider based on WP Bakery page builder/Elementor)

Them Settings are shown below

WoodMart (Demos, Header Builder, CSS generator)

Sidebars (option to create custom Sidebars)

Appearance > Install plugins (list of related plugins to upload/activate/update)

Plugins related to WoodMart:

Slider Revolution

WPBakery Page Builder

Woodmart Core (functionality theme plugins)

Contact Form 7

MailChimp for WordPress


Safe SVG


Install WooCommerce

If you skip previous section you need to install WooCommerce plugin
to set up your shop.

  1. Download the plugin to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Using an FTP client, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins directory.
  4. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.
  5. Follow plugin's set up steps and install shop pages
  6. Go to Products in admin panel and create your first products

How to install WooCommerce | WooThemes Documentation

Video | Installing and Uninstalling WooCommerce

Import Demo Content

As soon as the theme has been installed with the required plugins, the Dashboard gets Theme Settings and Woodmart tabs. The Theme Settings Tab provides all the options to configure the site as per the business needs.

WoodMart tab contains:

Base Import - opportunity to upload the full demo as it is;

Additional pages - opportunity to upload certain pages design from demos;

Header builder - special building tool allowing to create and configure the Header with various set of elements;

Theme license - the tab for license activation;

CSS generator - CSS optimization tool;

In order to upload the full demo, navigate to Base Import and upload Basic or full import. This is a compulsory step for demo uploading. You will find the right block with “Activate Base Version” Pressing the button will upload Base version which is provided HERE

After installation of the Base Version, the left block with Demo versions drop-down becomes available. Choose the Demo from the drop-down and press button “Set up version”

The theme can be activated twice with one and the same license key in order to ensure the possibility to develop a site on a staging platform and then transfer for the final domain. However it the theme is supposed to be used on different domains, it is necessary to acquire licenses for each domain separately.

Note: installing demo content doesn't create a site that is an identical copy of our demo site because it has a big number of pages and images that takes to much time to complete.
Most images you see on our site are not included in our theme package and will not be imported.

Installation Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial that demonstrates how to install our theme and import dummy content properly just in a few minutes.

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