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control over the “description” column (of the product)

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    I need control over the width of the “description” column (of the product) I want the text not to occupy the entire width because it not only looks bad, but it is uncomfortable to read.

    I use wcfm plugin.

    The idea is that the modification is for all the products of course…


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    You can set the width of the product description in the Elementor page builder you used.
    And we have not tested any plugin with WoodMart that is why we can hardly recommend any.

    Best Regards.


    the problem is that when I want to edit the shop page with elementor, it says that it is not possible (screenshot).

    Or are you saying that I should make a new shop page just to increase padding or margins of the “description” section.
    Well that’s not my idea.
    I just want to do it with css.
    Every time I try to create a new shop page for such minor changes, the result is bad. Everything is messed up.

    On the other hand, I bought woodmart and the extended support service because they advertise multi-vendor plugin compatibility (screenshot).

    I look forward to hearing from you. thank you

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    Sorry for the earlier misunderstandings in this regard.

    The default layouts of the Archive pages including the Shop and Category pages and the Single Product page as well come from the WooCommerce end and they aren’t editable with the page builder plugins like Elementor or WPBakery from WooCommerce by default.

    But under the WoodMart Theme, you can create Custom Layouts for these pages using the Theme’s Layout Builder. Here is the guide to that:


    Also, you can specifically edit the Product Descriptions with the page builder editors too if you want: https://nimb.ws/bnR7to

    Hope this helps!

    Best Regards.


    ok. maybe i can’t make myself understood, but do me a favor.

    Could you check with one of the developers if this simple code I found on the web can work. I tried it and it seems to work fine, but I don’t want to mess with what I don’t understand.

    /* Entry Content */
    width:70% !important;

    I pasted it in the “desktop” css section.
    This would only affect the “description” tab content section, right?

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    Sorry to say but could you please elaborate further as to exactly why and where you want to use this CSS for? Also, please share that exact Page URL with us too so that we can better guide you with the Custom CSS usage accordingly.

    Best Regards.

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