Single product page builder

Built-in functionality for custom single product page layouts will help you implement your vision and ideas without any coding skills. It will be also very useful if you want to present your products with different designs.

Quick steps to create product page layout:

Quick steps to create product page layout:

Step 1. Go to Dashboard -> Layouts -> Single product and click on the “Add new” button.

Step 2. Write your layout name and configure its conditions.

Step 3. Click on the “Create layout” button.

Step 4. Fill your custom layout with sections and special elements.

With the help of WoodMart dedicated single product elements and also other widgets like rows and columns you can create your unique product page. Special WoodMart product elements are listed below.

  1. Product title – current product name
  2. Product price – regular and sale price
  3. Product rating – star rating and reviews number
  4. Product gallery – featured image and additional product images
  5. Product navigation – special buttons to navigate between next and previous products
  6. Product brands – show brand logo assigned to this product
  7. WooCommerce breadcrumbs – display your current location on the website
  8. Product short description – short information about the product
  9. Linked variations – linked products list
  10. Product countdown – sale price end date countdown
  11. Product sold counter – show the number of sales for the last period
  12. Product dynamic discounts table – shows the current discount relative to the product quantity
  13. Product visitor counter – show number of visitors for the product
  14. Product add to cart – displays WooCommerce form for adding the product to the shopping cart. Depending on the product type it will display the “Add to cart” button for simple products, variations form for a variable product, a table of related products for grouped type, and a simple button for the external type.
  15. Product additional information table – special information that includes product attributes, weight, and dimensions.
  16. Product stock progress bar – demonstrates a number of products in stock using a styled bar
  17. Add to wishlist button – a button that adds this product to the customer wishlist
  18. Add to compare button – button to add this product to the compare table
  19. Product meta – shows product information like SKU, category, and tags
  20. Size guide button – a button that opens a popup with product size guide if exists
  21. Product tabs – display WooCommerce product tabs that include: product description, additional information table, reviews, brand information, and theme custom tabs
  22. Product extra content – shows HTML block assigned for this product as extra content in an appropriate field while editing the product
  23. Social buttons – share this product or display your social profiles links
  24. Product brand information – brand description content
  25. Product reviews – reviews and review form
  26. Frequently bought together – bought together table
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