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How do I go about editing a Single Product with Elementor?

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    Sweeney Web Design

    I want to make some adjustments: display the Current Bid, show the item’s Value with a strikethrough next to it, and show the countdown below it. It should be simple, just some small tweaks to the function. Having seen others do this using Woodmart’s theme and YITH’s Auction Plugin, how can I make it happen?

    I completely understand that YITH Auctions is not directly compatible with Woodmart. However, from what I can tell, everything works, and this is the only thing I need to fix to make it complete.

    For access, please use:

    I’ve attached images illustrating the desired appearance for the Value, Bid, and countdown. I’d like both numbers side by side, with the current Bid displayed first, and the retail value shown beside it. There’s someone willing to fix it, but they’re asking for a ridiculous amount of money. So, I’ve turned here to seek assistance first.

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    Artem Temos


    Thank you so much for purchasing our theme and contacting our support center.

    As far as we understand, the plugin works as expected with our theme and doesn’t have any incompatibility issues, right? You want to customize the appearance of the plugins using additional CSS code. We are sorry to say, that customizing 3rd party plugins is out of our theme support scope. You can contact the plugin’s developers for help on this matter.

    Kind Regards
    XTemos Studio

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)