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    Hi guys im looking to replace my mobile menu with a 3rd party, they’ve asked me to locate the existing “element selector/toggle”.

    I would really like to keep my current mobile header but when I press the “menu” button, instead of the default wocommerce sidebar I would like it to toggle my customer menu via a css selector element.

    thank you



    Just to add more info, this is the instruction from the 3rd party plugin

    Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with making such changes on your site and have the know-how, adding the same class to a custom button for example will have the same result. Meaning you can use any link or object to trigger TapTap just by giving it the taptap-custom-activator class.



    You can set Off-canvas sidebar for the mobile view only. This option is provided in the Theme settings > General layout. Then you will need to create a custom sidebar and add the widgets.

    Find our documentation tutorial about this here:

    Best Regards.



    Hi guys I would like to make the following change:
    add the
    “taptap-custom-activator” class to the same element as “wd-header-mobile-nav” class

    Thank you



    Sorry but there is no option in Theme Settings available for that.

    It requires customizations and this is beyond our limitations and support policy.

    Xtemos Studios

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)