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Shop menu missing?

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    After installing the Woodmart theme (with Elementor as editor) and once the base import was completed, from the wizard I chose to proceed with the default demo version (didn’t pick another demo from the selection dropdown and clicked Next Step), however, I am missing the SHOP menu completely. I was curious to see the different settings applied to accomplish the different designs for the single Product Pages and replicate/copy them quickly, however they are simply not there. Also, on the other menus I am missing some new items/element demos – for example Lazy Loading, Image Hotspot, Woocommerce Product Filters, etc.
    I know all these could be achieved/created from scratch anyway, but I don’t have a whole lot of experience or lots of time to experiment – the demo content’s purpose is to get you up and running quickly, isn’t it?

    What did I do wrong and can it be fixed without reinstalling everything? Thanks!



    It seems that the demo isn’t imported properly. That’s why the components are not displayed correctly.

    Please make a fresh install of WordPress then make all the requirements as mentioned in our detailed documentation:

    Then try and re-import the demo data.

    Best Regards.



    Hello again,

    I did a brand new, clean WP install, in the default English (US) locale. Uploaded and activated the theme before doing anything else. Installed all plugins from the Wizard (Elementor, Woo, etc.), clicked Next Step on the Demo version window (so the default page would be imported) and everything completed without errors. Now I have the SHOP menu with all links, but they don’t lead to any products – simply empty # links. I only have 9 products showing under the Products > All Products menu under WooCommerce.
    Also, the new elements – Lazy Loading, Image Hotspot, Woocommerce Product Filters, etc. are still missing from the other menus (maybe the demo content is not up-to-date?). Only Image Hotspot is in Woodmart > Additional Pages > Additional Elements, but not the others.



    The product contents on hover are not imported with the demos that is why they are added with empty links. And only 9 products are imported with the demo.

    This is how the demo is imported. If you need additional components I can help you create.

    Xtemos Studios.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)