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    Dear customers,

    Our theme comes in English only and you need to translate every string to your local language if you don’t use English with Loco Translate. In this topic, we invite you to share your own translations files with other customers. So you can share, download or update translations for any language here.

    Your translations files are stored in the folder wp-content/languages/themes/.

    Kind Regards
    Xtemos Studio



    Hello My Friends,

    i guess it will be very usefull topic, i am starting first.
    Here is the turkish language file.

    i translated only user front-end areas. admin and other areas still english.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you @mehmet. We hope that it will be useful for other customers.


    Tahir UYANIK

    Dear Mehmet,
    Thanks so much.



    Hi.Here is russian language package.

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    Thank you very much @elebo!



    Is there a German version ready? a good way is to create a PoEditor Project who everyone can translate is easy 🙂



    @mehmet hocam teşekkürler paylaşımınız için tamamen çevirme yapmadı. Admin panelinden kastetmiyorum, genel olarak müşteri kullanımı alanlarında değişiklik yapacak bir paylaşımın olur ise güncellemeni sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum. yinede paylaşımına teşekkürlerimi iletirim.

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