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Theme translation

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Theme translation

We are working on our theme internationalization and are happy to let you know that it is now translated into 22 languages. We run a localization project based on GlotPress platform that can be seen here
This allows anybody to contribute to our theme translations and share it with the world in a very comfortable way.
Currently, we have the following list of translations:

  1. Dutch
  2. German
  3. Russian
  4. Greek
  5. Bengali
  6. French
  7. Italian
  8. Turkish
  9. Spanish
  10. Persian
  11. Ukrainian
  12. Hungarian
  13. Arabic
  14. Slovak
  15. Polish
  16. Romanian
  17. Czech
  18. Danish
  19. Hebrew
  20. Estonian
  21. Indonesian
  22. Georgian

How to download and install the translation file

All current translations can be found in the project root folder here
To download and install the translation on your website you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Select your language from the list and click on its name
  2. Find the “Export” button at the end of the page and select “Portable Object Message Catalog (.po/.pot)” next to the button
  3. Click on the “Export” button and download the “.po” file
  4. Then select “Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo)” and Export it as well.
  5. Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> General and switch the language to the one you want to translate your website (if it hasn’t been done yet)
  6. Pay attention to the file language code. In our case, it is “woodmart-ru.po” and we need to rename it to “woodmart-ru_RU.po”. You can check your language code in WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Status -> Language.
  7. Copy both files to the folder on your website “website_root/wp-content/languages/themes/”.

Help us to improve the translation to your language

Most of the translations available in our repository are not complete yet. Some word translations might not be as accurate as they would be if native language speakers translate them. That is why, we invite you to help us improve some translations and by doing that, we all will help each other and save time translating everything from scratch. The process is quite simple and requires just a few clicks:

  • You need to be registered on our website
  • Go to and select the locale.
  • Find an untranslated or not accurate string and double-click on its value under the “Translation” column.
  • Enter the correct translation and click on the “Add translation” button.
  • DONE. We will review and accept your contribution asap and it will be available to all customers.

If you want to upload a completely new translation, suggest new translations for a lot of strings from your POT file then please, post this on our forum or contact us directly via email so we can help you to do this faster and easier.

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