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    I agree!

    Please add all relevant 300+ templates for Elementor (HTML blocks, etc.) to the next version of the theme release in order to let Elementor users create the pages that nicely as users on WP Bakery


    Dear customers!

    Thank you very much for all your suggestions and feature requests. We would like to kindly ask you to complete a simple poll to help us make our theme better. It will not take you more than 2 minutes. Link: https://8uehqcg4tjy.typeform.com/to/IgyV2EiP

    Thank you in advance.



    I believe the most influential feature would be to have:
    “Change Variation Product Gallery After Selecting Single Attribute / One-click color change when there are two or more variants on the single product page”https://ibb.co/6YV8Qdf

    As it would be the only theme to offer it and there is only one plugin for woocommerce (not compatible with woodmart) that does it.

    There is currently a plug-in that does that (not fully compatible with woodmart), it allows you to chose an attribute to change the image (like color). It works by fetching the first variation that has that color and it shows the correspondent image. Which eliminates the Woocommerce restriction to have all the variations selected for the image to change – (https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/29033)

    Also, two more nice features would be:
    – Adding a cross on the blured out products/Out of Stock Variation Swatches – https://i.imgur.com/r0esWth.png (it makes a bit more clear on what is available and easier to navigate for the customer)
    – Reversing the Brand Link and Product name order on the shop page – https://i.imgur.com/x42vHB7.png (a vast majority of ecommerce stores need to highlight the brand instead of the name of the product)

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    In the Brands element for Visual Composer, now “hide_empty” is always false.
    It would be nice if you could configure this true/false in the block itself in Visual Composer (or Elementor).

    File: /inc/shortcodes/brands.php Line 82



    Change where the “reset default” setting is located and what it does.

    I pressed the reset button thinking it would simply change that set of settings i was on but no it reset the entire site settings and its taken me ages to set it all back. Also where it is located right next to save button it would be so easy to press by accident. Maybe a warning popup box explaining better when pressed



    when do we get new update for woodmart theme



    I’d like to see a markup field in the product price. Markup should be related to categories or brand or id. I should be very interested because i’m importing a csv file with thousand of products and they have prices to the supplier.



    One tap sign up and sign in wit google.
    Like http://www.medium.com

    That would be perfect



    found a plugin for this. https://wordpress.org/plugins/one-tap-google-sign-in/
    If you can implement this new feature, you probably will be the first theme who did this.



    adding a sub categories slider in the top of the shop and category page that shows the sub categories in it .
    This feauture is beautifully built in https://www.jiomart.com/c/groceries/fruits-vegetables/219

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    Google says clickable areas should have at least 48×48 size.
    but on hover buttons are set to 40×40.

    We fixed the issue in here.
    But this fix should be by default.
    Can you add to new version?


    When anyone look for a Live Chat solution for WordPress, you inevitably come across a solution that is called Tawk.To (https://www.tawk.to/)

    In order to make this live chat compatible with Woodmart, my dev had to define a Custom JS that I’m sharing here, so (if you wish) it could be added in a Theme Setting > Plugins > Tawk.To

    Private Content Hidden

    Assume that you have a category with only 2 products of the same brand. In the Shop Page, when you expand the left-sidebar column to filter the attributes (brand, volume, size…), then you see the column “Brand” but it has only 1 attribute logically there.

    I just find it unecessary to display any element there as soon as it contains only 1 value. Therefore, if the Brand contains only 1 attribute, then hide it.

    I have a custom js for that, if you wish to add it in your theme, feel free 🙂

    Private Content Hidden

    In Header Builder > Cart > Custom Icon

    allow us to easily select icons available in woodmart-font.woff


    Situation :
    – header transparent
    – add a background image dark color
    – add a cart widget in header
    – define the text as LIGHT
    – define primary color as black

    AS IS => cart widget follows PRIMARY color rather than following the LIGHT header setting

    TO BE => cart widget should follow the LIGHT/DARK setting of the header, rather than the primary color of the site

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    That would be great if we can build a list of extensions that are not compatible out of the box with Woodmart.

    I hope that compatibility with product bundle & composite will be add soon.

    I don’t know if Yith product bundle is compatible.



    In Header Builder > Search form

    allow defining the style (height, color…) of the search form


    In Header Builder > Search form

    allow us defining the number of columns for the searchs

    Curently it shows all in 2 columns on desktop (large form) and 1 on mobile (narrow form)

    but I want to display desktop always on 1 column

    It needs custom css but if we can have a setting for that, it would be better.




    And some search field style

    Collapsible field
    Box (actual)
    Line (modern)


    In Product Page > Brand image

    provide us a setting to remove the shadow around the Brand image

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    In Widgets > Shop Page > Brands

    allow us to hide the brands logo in the settings of the widget

    currently, we can either only completely remove the brand logo
    OR use custom css as follows

    .swatches-brands .filter-swatch {
        display: none;
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    +1 for the suggestion of one-tap google sign in


    In header builer :
    – if you add “account” in desktop => you can have a hidden sidebar
    – if you add “account” in mobile => you can have a hidden sidebar

    In mobile navbar :
    – if you add “account” in mobile => you cannot have a hidden sidebar (it just redirect you to the account page simply)

    Please allow having hidden sidebar on mobile when adding “account” in the mobile navbar.


    Review the location of the new “Presets” to better fit the interface



    Remove deprecated favicon features. These are here since long time already with this flag “deprecated” => if we can’t use them, just remove them now

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    In Theme Settings > Mobile Navbar

    it’s impossible to drag the order of the elements => allow drag & drop

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    It would be nice to have the WPML language selector available among the Elements of the Header, like some other themes do
    Best regards


    In the header builder, allow resizing the font-size of the icons directly through the builder.

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    In the INFOBOX Widget, we have the “button” part which doesn’t contain the “smooth scroll” setting like in the BUTTON Widget. Please add it there.


    In the widgets, we have the “Section title” but it misses an important element. We can never add a “link” to the titles. Allow us the possibility to make titles clickable to forward to a link.

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