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    Please fix the compatibility of Woodmart theme with webp images of Imagify
    (Imagify is of the same company as WP Rocket) => used by millions of wordpress users




    I have a functional recommendation that will surely bring you many +++ pluses.
    Very few themes offer such an opportunity and you have to use third parties – plugins, etc., which do not always work well with the themes or are not well designed, etc.


    Develop a little more wishlist part:

    1. Make it possible for the customer to have several categories of favorite products. To be able to create and remove them himself.

    2. Notifications – to send emails to customers when there is a change in the price of the product or there is the availability of the product!

    3. To be able for a different layout on this page 1-3 options that the client can change – for example, grid, full-page, and/or short version.

    If you make even the notifications – believe me, all your customers will like it.




    Some features I think would be great:
    – The option for conditional Menus so for example you can disable the mobile navbar on certain pages.
    – You can have different menu items on certain pages or completely remove the menu from certain pages
    – You can load all the pre-built elements and pages as block/templates for elementor

    Conditional menus would be great for building landing pages. Loading all the pre-built items in elementor would be great for using all the amazing elements the theme offers.
    Thank you!



    How can we add or change the source code so that when I activate
    Show attributes table after short description
    The attributes table add after ADD TO CART section , not after short description.
    It will help grow the conversion rate.


    Hi XTemos, I’d like to have a feauture added on the Animated counter WPBakery component.
    The feauture i need is to give e specific format to the number when it’s value is printed in the page (for exemple a thousend separator, or e leading and trailing character) this can be accomplished providing 3 more field on the component .
    – request for thousend separator
    – request for prefix
    – request for suffix
    Then in the javascript use this information to format the current counter value.

    Thanks for the attention




    Would like to see enhanced infinite scrolling in which while scrolling it changes pages (page2, page3, page4 etc) so if a customer clicks on a specific product and then get back with the back button or browse back button he won’t find himself at the start but at the area where he was just before he went to the product. An option the specify how many products per page should be included would be very handy. Also, some computers can’t handle the site very well when many products (200-300++) have been already loaded on the page and when loading more it makes the process slower and slower each time.


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Viewing 6 posts - 571 through 576 (of 576 total)

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