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    I hope you upgrage the variation options. https://getwooplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-variation-swatches/ This is plugin here has really good features.

    You did really good job. But your theme not good for big traffic websites. Theme have so many querys. Only “My account Menu” have to almost “100 query” per page. This is terrible. Maybe this is not just about Theme but maybe you can find a solution for “Variable Producs” query problem.

    I think Theme most big problem is “Queries” You have done amazing work for design flexibility.




    Could you give new feature to comment layout?

    The comment writer section jump above the comments, after the comments can be full the page with. (the comments will be fewer rows)

    The second idea to give pageable option to the comments. (If you have lots of comments in a product page you have to scroll lots of and the page loading is more than ideal.)

    In my feature idea you can choose “Load more”, Infinity scroll, or pagination option wit set the comments piceses/page

    Like this. 😀 http://prntscr.com/lufhmv

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    Junior consultant

    An option for the add to cart button to briefly show a checkmark after successful add to cart!



    Pop Up product page! Please



    1. A way to use sprite images instead of font icons/individual images. I have found that header requests are eating seconds from page load time..
    2. Much lighter alternative to Revolution Slider – this module alone doubles my database requests, and duplicate requests. Also Yith Compare module is coming close with same issues.
    3. A modular approach to features (almost the same way you can customize the final css file). I mean not just toggling on/off in the admin panel, but literally separate addons that can be installed/uninstalled depending on the client’s needs.
    4. I have found that Redux module is rather useless when you don’t edit any theme settings, but it if you disable it, you can gain some more page load speed. Maybe a more “native” approach to theme’s admin area would be better.

    Thank you.


    Option to show products by rating. Right now we can show them by best sellers, featured and list of ID’s. it would be great to show them as well by rating from clientes.
    Your option to show products by most views isnt working well.



    Please, add the feature to apply collapsible filters.
    I think there is need 2 options in widget configuration.

    1. Show filter as collapsible. After enable we can click on filter header for open down it. And we can see dropdown arrow on filter header on right side.

    2. Option to show filter opened by default or closed by default.

    It will be a fantastic feature.



    Please, add the feature to support have seen products. May be as opotion for shortcodes to filter products. And header widget as button such as favourits for “You have seen” page.


    Junior consultant

    Hi, if I click the link “Create Account” I’m taken to the login page. I have to click “Create Account” on the right side again to see the “Create Account” form on the left.

    Please change this behaviour because the customer has to make two clicks to get to the sign up page.

    I attached a screenshot to show what I would exspect when clicking “Create Account”

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