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    If you have ideas or not satisfied with our theme functionality use this form to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features.




    Awesome theme! Really well thought out. Was hoping to see some sort of product magnifiyer supported or integrated. I think the light box that is currently implemented is great, but having the option to change that to a hover zoom would be great.



    Hello, rarefoxco,

    Thank you very much for your words, very appreciated.

    Yes, currently the only one option for product images is integrated PhotoSwipe lightbox that is really useful option as for us. In addition to this such type of product images presentation works best on mobile devices because you are able to zoom images just in the way you do this in standard mobile gallery photos.

    Anyway users also have the ability to use third-party plugin to enable zoom on our theme https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-zoom-magnifier/
    Basel is fully compatible with this plugin and maybe we will add deep integration for this module in the future. You can try it out and contact us in case you will have any difficulties or issues regarding this plugin usage.




    Thanks for the quick reply! I did try to use that suggested plugin but ran into issues where the yith plugin was making the image output incorrectly. But no worries, I do really like how it works on mobile and that is ultimately more important.

    Take Care!


    Okay, anyway thank you for your feature request!



    Request: Add tooltip (text from description swatch) on hover for swatches.

    Example, for gradient color swatches (example – light gray, white).. user usually can’t select right color on notebook displays (example TN displays).



    Thank you so much for your feature request. We will consider this option in the future also.

    Kind regards



    First off, I’d like to say great job on this theme. It is very well put together, and very efficient!

    One thing that I’d like to see considered in the future would be a bit more control over the actual “blogging” functionality of the theme. I realize that eCommerce is the primary focus of this theme, but some very basic blog-centric functionality could go a long way.

    For example, choosing whether or not to show full content or simple excerpts on the posts’ page would be very convenient. Right now, I’ve had to hack the theme up a little bit to make this feasible. I realize usage of the “read more” tag can help control this issue perfectly, however retroactively adding manual excerpt setting for each post isn’t very feasible in many situations.


    Hello novomotus,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, it is very helpful for us. We will consider adding some functionality for blog in the future.



    I would like for the products in the shop to be portrayed with infinite scrolling instead of pages.

    How can i do this with this theme?

    Thank you.

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    Hello @lgsikaffy,

    Thank you for your feature request.

    Since it is not available in our theme at the moment we will discuss it and maybe add in the future.




    First, the theme is well put together, so I would like to express my appreciation for such a great ecommerce theme!

    I think several feature that are relatively common among other major ecommerce sites & best-selling woocommerce themes could be (probably easily) added to enhance the functionality of the theme, thus draw more buyers.

    I am going to also suggest solutions I know to easily add these functions because some other people may find this information helpful if you decide not to incorporate these features.

    1. Quick View
    People should be able to “buy” or add items to cart on quick view. Most popular ecommerce sites with quick view functionality always have this feature, instead of moving to product detail page, which is current default of the theme.

    I believe this could be easily done with this plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-quickview/4378284?s_rank=9
    which, according to comments, many other popular themes like Atelier use.

    For a price of 2 sales of your theme, you could easily enhance your quick view feature as it will allow customer to add even variable items to cart. It also shows thumbnails of product images, which is a great way to engage customers with the product.

    It seems like other people asked you whether such feature is available with your theme, so I think you should definitely consider this feature in your next update (regardless you use above plugin or not).

    2. Make product images as image carousel with < > functionality & show various images for variable attributes.

    Ecommerce site is all about pictorial expression as many customers rely and make their buying decision based on the product images they see. To enhance the product detail page functions, it would be nice to show various images for each variable selected (ie. showing 2-3 images per color) when that attribute is selected. This is pretty much the default of the industry. Also, making the product images carousel-able would be great.

    Again, both features could be easily accomplished through this plugin

    It costs less than 2 sales of the theme, so it would be a great investment as these features with your color swatch feature will definitely draw a lot of attentions from your potential buyers as these are most up-to-date industry standard features.

    3. Display product variations of variable product in product listing
    I actually read about someone else asking about this feature on the support forum (and I want this feature too). The feature allows to display individual product variations of a variable product in product listing. For instance, a variable item with black, white, gray color options will appear 3 times on shop listing (with variable default images)

    Like No. 1&2, this plugin adds this feature easily.

    4. Multi-currency
    I think it’d be nice to have multi-currency feature on the theme like many major ecommerce site.

    5. A new product detail page layout suggestion: large product image with details

    See example here

    This first looks like your sticky detail layout, but differs that you don’t scroll images. It is similar to normal product detail page layout except that images take 2/3 of the width of the screen with small static detail column (with accordion layout). Simple and sleek images without need to zoom or scroll down the screen to see details or reviews.

    Hope this writing helps both the developer by giving ideas of how to improve this theme better, and also other users looking for these features!



    Hi @avidly789,

    We are impressed by such a detailed explanation of things you would like to see in our theme. We really appreciate that you are using our theme and trying to help us improve to as much as possible.

    1. We will definitely try to find the solution to this problem. Unfortunately, we can’t integrate such a large plugin for quick as you proposed. We don’t want to load our customer’s web-sites with additional scripts and resources. So we will try to find an easiest way to achieve with our simple built in Quick View function.

    2. The same situation here. At the moment we are trying to keep our theme as light as possible. By adding slider for the main image on the product page we will increase number of images initially loaded when user open the page. So we will consider to add this as an optional feature in the future.

    3. On our opinion, this feature is not theme territory and users may use some plugin for this.

    4. Will consider adding some functionality for multi currency.

    5. Also thank you for suggestion here, we will add such product to our demo examples soon, since now it can be configured in this way, just need to showcase it 🙂

    Thank you again for all your suggestion. We can’t say the date or version when some feature of this list will be integrated, but we always keep our theme up to date and add new features as you can see in our changelog 🙂



    Hello! Thanks you for a nice and fluid woocommerce theme – is a rare thing, keep it going!

    I have some feature request, maybe you’ll consider this to add or develop separate plugins 🙂

    It’s a great tool to have a collection functionality on site (like themeforest), where users can add pages/products to collections (predefined or custom) and share them with friends. Is it possible to implement this functionality in your theme? It will be a great thing to make “collection only” mode, where the button “add to cart” replaces to “add to collection”, or where it both – add to collection near add to cart button.


    Hello !

    Thank you very much for this awesome theme. I’ve been looking for a long time for a theme who fits all of my needs and yours is the answer. I don’t have ideas of new features for now, but I just want to ask one thing: To keep on having this great focus on WPML compatibility ! It’s 100% compatible and very easy and I LOVE it ! Thank you for your great work.

    Mathieu / FR/EN bilingual wordpress owner, haha.


    Hello @denisyan,

    We are very appreciate your feature request, but we can’t implement such feature in the scope of WordPress theme. It is more plugin territory functionality. Maybe you can find something similar in this plugin https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-wishlist/


    Hi, @mathieu,

    Thank you so much for using our theme and for the feedback. Of course our theme will be always compatible with WPML and ready for translations.




    Typekit support, please! Adding the required Typekit script to the header is easy enough, but an easy way to assign Typekit fonts to each of the categories under the Typography panel in the theme settings would be super helpful.


    Hi @collinh,

    Thank you so much for making your feature request.

    We would be glad to implement this function to our theme. But due to fact that our theme are using Redux Framework for Theme Settings we can’t add this functionality at the moment. But we will try to find some solution in the future.

    Kind regards,




    I love that you have an option in Basel theme for “sticky variations” on single product page. However, could you also add the reverse? I have enough variations (68 swatches) that the user will need to scroll down to see them all. If the image container could scroll down with the user, so they could preview the variation easily (instead of having to scroll back up), that would be absolutely terrific.

    Also there was a mention above about more functionality for variation images. I use Smart Variations Images plugin and it works great.

    Thanks for your help I am really happy with your support and I love Basel theme.


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    Hi @tairak,

    We are very appreciate your Feature Request.

    Okay we will consider adding “Sticky images” for the product page option in our future updates. As for variations so we are trying to improve it also and your suggestion will be also useful for us.

    Thank you



    i agree on this, it would really help to have a zoom option on the products


    Hi @webtrendz,

    At the moment you have the ability to use third-party plugin to enable zoom on our theme https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-zoom-magnifier/
    Basel is fully compatible with this plugin.



    Hi, very well done creating such an excellent theme.

    It would be great to have an accordion sidebar menu for woocomerce products categories and sub-categories.



    Hi @kipiyo,

    Thank you for the feature request.

    We understand what do you mean and it is very useful feature. We will definitely add it in one of our next updates.



    An important feature/improvement would be speed optimization for mobile. Your demo just get’s 52/100 points in google’s pagespeed insights.


    Most importantly it would be good to get those javascripts and css ressources not to load above the fold. Can we make that happen? Mobile speed is of utmost important in todays eCommerce world!

    Thanks 🙂



    Thank you for the feature request.

    Yes, it is a very useful suggestion. But actually, our theme optimized very well. And it has only one JS file that is loading after all content (theme.min.js) and doesn’t block initial page loading. So in general, you can increase your google score but optimizing your web-site content like smaller images, less unnecessary plugins, cache mechanism with files minifications and compressions, server gzip compression etc.

    Anyway, we always try to improve theme performance and will take your note into consideration.



    Please check Google Pagespeed For Your Demo. It includes 6 js & 16 css blocking rendering for the mobile version.


    But as you can see all they come from some additional plugins like WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer etc. We can manage them in a scope of our theme.


    Yeah plugins that are needed to run your theme. Can’t you make those js load in the footer?

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