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    Hi, it would be great if you could have text align feature for all media.

    So left align on desktop but option for centered on ipad, mobile.

    I have this on UNCODE theme and its a god send 🙂



    Hi, it would be great to have a responsive option to change font size for navigation.

    When you have a long navigation it doesn’t look good when scaled on smaller devices.

    Maybe have an option to use EM REM?



    – Adding Buy Now Button.
    – Adding Connect By Whatsapp Button.
    – Optional size for thumbnail images.
    – Increase Additional Tab Option To 5



    I want to add the search button from header to MOBILE BOTTOM NAVBAR. Can it possible?



    Please add an easy checkbox on the single page and post settings to deactive the h1 in page title (only show breadcrumb) AND a global setting on theme settings to change the page title from h1 to p or span elements.


    In the List widget, please add the possibility to change the font settings (type, weight, color…)

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    I Would like you to develop new features like Free Shipping progress bar in the ajax mini cart “if you spend x $ you will get a free shipping, like Xstore have this on default.



    It would be great to have a option to have two descriptions for a shop category.
    1 above the productgrid and 1 below (!)


    Woodmart compatibility with WordPress Media’s default functionality “Attached/Unattached”

    If you upload a media (mostly images like jpg, png, or even svg…), WordPress has a default functionality that allows users to filter media that are attached (or not) to a post/article/page/product. This gives us the ability to easily fitler those that are not attached, and therefore cleaning/deleting them since they’re not used.

    However, this functionality is NOT compatible with Woodmart. How exactly?

    > if you link a media to Header Builder logo/info box/…, then it will still mention Unattached (see attachments)

    > if you link a media to an HTML Block, then it will still mention Unattached

    > same goes to everywhere where Woodmart allows us to use a media …

    Please make Woodmart compatible with this WordPress’ default media functionality

    If a media is linked to a Woodmart feature, we should see “Attached” in Media list.

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    Little Panda

    You did some Christmas themed section templates in your demos…. It would be helpful if you could build on these for other events like Halloween, Black Friday, Easter, New Year…



    I have come across this code on SO and another site. It allows a product variation image to change when only one main attribute is selected (e.g. color), rather than having to select all variation attributes (e.g color and size) in order for the image to change.

    This code was written to work with a plugin, however the person who wrote it mentioned changing line 6 in order to use without plugins. I have tried changing data-attribute_name to equal attribute_color, as it is named. I have called this code using the script tag in functions.php but not sure what else I should be doing.

    How could I make this work?

    var image_to_show = '';
        var variations = JSON.parse($(".variations_form").attr("data-product_variations"));
        if(variations) {
            var first_attr = Object.keys(variations[0].attributes)[0];
            // when swatch button is clicked
            $("ul[data-attribute_name='"+first_attr+"'] li").click(function() {
                var choice = $(this).attr("data-value");
                var found = false;
                // loop variations JSON
                for(const i in variations) {
                    if(found) continue;
                    if(variations.hasOwnProperty(i)) {
                        // if first attribute has the same value as has been selected
                        if (choice === variations[i].attributes[Object.keys(variations[0].attributes)[0]]) {
                            // change featured image
                            image_to_show = variations[i].image_src;
                            found = true;
            // after woo additional images has changed the image, change it again
            jQuery(".variations_form").on("wc_additional_variation_images_frontend_image_swap_done_callback", function() {
                if(image_to_show.length) {
                    $(".attachment-shop_single").attr("src", image_to_show).removeAttr("srcset");
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    Sidebar Menu ( Accordion Menu ) like the one below the link

    sevenspark .com. I don’t write this message to promote this plugin. This plugin not updated for a while and I want to use this kind of functionality. Instead of using third part plugins I prefer to use in built plugins comes with theme.

    I think this is necessary function for a web site. Please seriously consider to develop this kind of plugin.




    AJAX Product table in shop page ( products in rows , the client can view the products as a table with dropdown list filters above the table , as we can select many items with different quantities and add them one shot to the cart ,

    see this example pls:
    this would be nice if you add this feature to your wonderful ajax shop, our clients always request this table view for their products.




    SEACH for post type PAGES and POSTS



    It’s perfect if attribute BRAND display in archive products under the product title (link) and in a single product page above the title, like a link. See attached.

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    1. Need flexibility to use woodmart elements specially header elements in elementor builder otherwise very difficult to deviate from standard woodmart design which becomes repetitive after some time among all my clients.

    2. Control over out of stock item like hide in home page, related page, shop page, search page

    3. More product sorting option

    4. Checkout flow change like if login made mandatory should redirect to login page before going to checkout.

    5. Checkout page customization option or at least 2-3 layout with different design also mobile-first design.

    6. Customer dashboard page customization like atleast editing and repositioning elements

    7. Additional rows ability in header builder



    it will be a great add on to
    1- to have an option to customize related products either based on tags or category or custom attribute such as brands.
    2-to add feature for mobile to hide footer or pre-footer as I noticed you have a theme Options presets and it’s really great add-on but I can’t use it to customize theme option for mobile.

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    More customization for the product grid, for example text allign, elements to show (description, attributes), image size, ecc.


    Add more customization settings to the “(Main) Menu” widgets in the header builder

    Related ticket : https://xtemos.com/forums/topic/header-builder-menu-main-menu-widgets/


    Please fix the style/layout of the Images carrousel widget on mobile devices, by removing the “mask” which doesn’t look nice at all.

    Related ticket : https://xtemos.com/forums/topic/images-carrousel-very-bad-style-on-mobile/#post-322293


    In the widget “Information box”, we need a “smooth scroll” feature for the URL.

    If we use this widget with a link (anchor) on the same page, currently there is no way to have a smooth scroll effect via this Information Box. Please add it.

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    Possibility to add HTML Block as “Mega Menu” dropdown even to menu item with sub-items, as implemented in this fix.



    It would be nice to alternatively add shortcodes for HTML Blocks via slug and not only via ID.

    A short code like this can be assigned better than a short code with a plain number:
    [html_block slug="woocommerce-category-description-chairs"]




    what can we do about this problem?

    Update failed: Unable to install package. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    Thank you!

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    Adding sort option in the bottom navbar for mobile view. This would seriously be a revolution in the woocommerce based industry. Making it sticky would lead to increase conversions on store > leading to better sales > leading to more sales of woodmart theme.

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    All I would like to see for now is the ability to have a wider page view on the shop page with the sidebar/filters showing, I don’t mind the boxed look but the only other option you have is full page/off-canvas sidebar. One more option would be great full screen/sidebar visible. Makes sense to me for the desktop view, as wasted space for displaying your products. A hidden sidebar is expected on mobile views but can’t we have a full page with sidebar showing?

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