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    Header Builder limitation :

    On mobile only.

    1) Imagine a header with just a brand text centered (nothing else).
    2) Assume that I use the Woodmart navbar feature to add my menus.
    3) In this navbar, I’m adding the “mobile menu” as last item.

    AS IS : I expect to still be able to customize the mobile menu (e.g. remove “search posts” or “opening on left/right side” …)

    TO BE : I am unable to define those settings because I’m adding the mobile menu from the navbar. Those settings are only available when adding the mobile menu in the Header Builder.

    Therefore, please add the “mobile menu” customization settings in the navbar section as soon as we select the “mobile menu” in the navbar list.

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    In “Promo Banner” widget > Button

    allow the possibility to enter a “custom color”

    currently, we can only use predefined colors

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    WooCommerce has one text field for category description where you type your SEO stuff. Woodmart gives you the control to either leave it be on top of category page or add it below products.

    Could you make your theme support two category description fields for woocommerce category pages?

      So that you have one text field on top of products at category pages and one below products at category pages.

    This way I can add introduction text into the top text field or some banner ad, and move all the blah blah seo text below the products.

    I know this is possible to add into woocommerce via php snippets, but would be better if it could be option in woodmart theme. You could also make it so, that if you dont want to use both text fields, you could just decide to use both or only one.

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    The new Woodmart “Tabs” widget is too much limited compared to the WPBakery tabs.

    1) On mobile, the multiple tabs are listed one above the other which is not nice. Provide a layout identical to the WPBakery. Attachment A below.

    2) The layout of the tabs title are limited too. If you check the WPBakery tabs, the active tab has an underline always active (which we don’t have with Woodmart tabs). Also, when you hover on the tabs, they get an temporary underline (which we don’t have with Woodmart neither).


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    Add “Design Options” and other advanced settings for Testimonial widget.



    is it able to add wishlist heart icon next to add to cart instead of text, also show the numbers of add to wishlist?


    Provide us a theme setting for changing the background color of images (and placeholder) when we zoom the images in the gallery.

    Related ticket : https://xtemos.com/forums/topic/widget-images-gallery-when-zooming-how-to-make-background-white/


    Please improve the setting “init on scroll” that is available in many different widgets (e.g. Google Maps, Images Carrousel…)

    AS IS : Init on Scroll

    TO BE : Init on Scroll or Mouse Mouvement



    Can users add Google one-click login when registering on the website?https://lifegreet.com/my-account/?action=register


    Automatize the WPBakery CSS Generator.

    AS IS : Currently we have to select manually the widgets which we use across the site.

    TO BE : Find a way for Woodmart to automatically detect used/unused widgets across the site.



    I’d LOVE to see one day the “Xtemos Drag&Drop Page Builder” !

    This would give you/us an inifinity of flexibility



    hi there!

    why support did not answer for my questions?


    Header Builder > Edit Settings for any Row > Enable “Make it sticky”

    Provide us the possibility to assign a different row height between desktop & mobile.

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