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🚀 Explore the New 7.3 Beta Release – Join the Exciting Beta Test Phase!

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    Artem Temos

    Dear Valued Customers,

    We are thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated 7.3 beta version, a culmination of dedicated effort and innovation from our team! We have been hard at work refining and enhancing this version to provide you with an even more robust and feature-rich experience. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we can’t wait to share these exciting updates with you.

    What’s New in 7.3 Beta:

    New Demo Versions: Get a firsthand experience of the latest features and improvements through our new demo versions. Explore the possibilities and see how the new enhancements could benefit your business.

    Powerful eCommerce Features: We’ve taken your suggestions to heart and incorporated dynamic discounts and a product sold counter to boost your eCommerce capabilities. These features are designed to elevate your sales strategies and create engaging shopping experiences for your customers.

    Join the Beta Test:

    Now, we cordially invite you to participate in the beta test phase of the 7.3 release. Your insights are crucial in helping us refine the software even further before the official launch. This is your chance to explore the new functionalities, provide feedback, and help shape the final version.

    Important Note:

    While we are excited for you to experience the 7.3 beta version, we highly recommend installing it in a staging environment only. Beta versions can sometimes have unforeseen issues, and it’s best to avoid any disruption to your live operations. As always, our support team is here to assist you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth testing experience.

    Download: https://bit.ly/3zcD086

    Full changelog:

    • NEW VERSION: Furniture 2
    • NEW VERSION: Games
    • NEW VERSION: Games Dark
    • NEW FEATURE: Dynamic discounts. (Screenshot)
    • NEW FEATURE: Product sold counter. (Video)
    • ADDED: “Video” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: “Marquee” element. (Video)
    • ADDED: “Nested carousel” element. (Video)
    • ADDED: New product hover “Buttons on hover”. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Product category style “Zoom out”. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: New blog design “List”. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: New style “Primary” to “Social buttons” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Shape “Rounded” to “Social buttons” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: New “Search” element form style. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: “Show HTML Blocks” option to “Mobile menu” header element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: New “One column” layout to header row options. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Custom social links to “Social buttons” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Design “Simple” to mega menu element with vertical orientation. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Icon alignment option to mega menu element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Star rating to “Icons and add to cart on hover” product loop design. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Background image option for “Infobox” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Icon spacing option to “Information box” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: The ability to choose a custom icon to “Visitor counter” element in Layouts. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Layout “Inline” to “Product additional information table” element in Layouts. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: “Hide image” and “Hide name” option to “Product additional information table” element in Layouts. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Video background in “Promo Banner” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Video in “Image Hotspot” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Icon color selection in “Image Hotspot” element. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Icon on hover option to “Image Hotspot” element. (Video)
    • ADDED: “Categories rounding” option in theme settings. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Blog options in theme settings: “Title for posts”, “Meta information”, “Post text”, “Read more button”. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Single product gallery combined grid layout “2:3:2” and “1:2”. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Option to selection of the number of thumbnails in single product gallery grid from 1 to 6. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Option to change gap between thumbnails in single product gallery grid. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Option to disable carousel on mobile devices on single product gallery grid. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: rel=”nofollow” attribute for stock status widget. (Topic)
    • ADDED: Show reviews count on product loop. (Video)
    • ADDED: Delete outdated Instagram images option. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Save compare button state after adding in compare list.
    • ADDED: “Apply all” button for patcher page. (Screenshot, Topic)
    • ADDED: “Load text domain” option in Theme settings.
    • ADDED: “Show stock quantity” option for product grid. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Quantity buttons to “On variation click” quick shop type. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Responsive thumbnails per slide with thumbnails position left. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Product archive “Filtered by stock status” condition. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: “Show checkboxes” option to “Woodmart WooCommerce Layered Nav” widget. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Helper tooltip with icon unicode to the Typography -> Icon Fonts section in Theme Settings. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: “Heading background” option for “Tabs” and “AJAX Products tabs” elements. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: “Form height” option for “AJAX search” element and header search. (Screenshot)
    • ADDED: Discord messenger follow button to “Social button” element. (Screenshot)
    • CSS: Refactored product hover styles.
    • CSS: Refactored “Information box” element styles.
    • CSS: Refactored single product gallery grid.
    • CSS: Refactored styles on cart and checkout pages.
    • CSS: Refactored Heading in “Tabs” and “AJAX Products tabs” elements.
    • FIXED: Product archive background option.
    • FIXED: Limit swatches with linked product variation.
    • FIXED: “Infobox Carousel” element bottom space in WPBakery page builder.
    • FIXED: Age verify popup closing on mobile. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Collapsible content with disabled “Optimized DOM output” option. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Header banner link z-index with HTML-block content. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Woodmart dashboard header for users with non-admin role. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Menu item label in main header navigation. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Change product image on attribute click with quick shop on variation click.
    • FIXED: Init open street map in popup element. (Screenshot)
    • FIXED: List element translates with WPML. (Screenshot)
    • FIXED: Render multiple markers content in google map element. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Duplicate WooCommerce structured data generation. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Output content in section title element issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Scrolling issue with “YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce”. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Scrolling issue with “MultivendorX”.
    • FIXED: Related products add to cart button icon on single product page. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Load Instagram image with API connect issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Enqueue compare icon style in header builder issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Frequently bought together products with 100% discount issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Show single variation with draft product variation issue. (Topic) (Topic)
    • FIXED: WPML config file.
    • FIXED: Cart and checkout pages styles on Elementor Pro.
    • FIXED: My account navigation styles on Elementor Pro. (Topic)
    • FIXED: “YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote” plugin enqueue style issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: “Show summary on hover” product hover with product rating issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Instagram duplication images issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Vertical image gallery in single product issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Output extra description for product category issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: PHP errors in admin panel. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Elementor accordion widget. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Widget cart enqueue script issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: AJAX shop issue.
    • FIXED: WooCommerce hook element is empty with WPBakery Page Builder issue. (Topic)
    • FIXED: Compare and wishlist added products issue. (Topic)
    • IMPROVED: Output images with custom sizes for elements.
    • UPDATED: Google fonts list.

    Best regards



    Dear all,

    We have identified an bug that requires attention.
    In the top bar information box, there is an unnecessary space between the information text and the accompanying icon.

    To get a clearer picture of the problem, please refer to the attached screenshot. You will notice the gap between the “Info” text and the icon on the top bar.

    Additionally, we want to inform you that we will be conducting a more in-depth testing phase for the theme. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of our findings and work closely with you to address any problems that arise.

    All the best!

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Bogdan Donovan


    Hi, please send us a link to your website where we can see this issue.

    Kind Regards



    Hello xtemos team, I was one of those waiting for the new version. The new features of the theme are already exciting. I wish you continued success. But there are two features that I still haven’t seen in the current theme, I hope you will consider my ideas. First, a better mobile menu and full-screen search for mobile. This already exists, it shouldn’t be hard for mobile. I hope you do these one day. Good luck. Respects.



    Totally agree with @Bagget.net: Great release and congrats to the team, but please consider to optimize the mobile navigation. Ideally fullscreen and instead of vertically open submenus, sliding them horizontally on 2nd, 3rd level etc

    Many thanks!



    I support the guys above. Now 85% of traffic in my online store is mobile devices. I understand that the desktop version is more beautiful and informative, but in times when most people buy goods through the phone, unoptimized mobile versions of the site without the necessary functionality, it’s a disaster. A quality mobile menu and full screen mobile search is the bare minimum we need. You’re a company that keeps up with innovation, I don’t think that’s a problem for you. Also on many sites it is now popular to add container story carousel, it’s something similar to instagram’s story but for products. I think this functionality would put you back in the top selling themes.



    Agreed with @Zakky. This type of instagram story carousel is very popular in shopify and this is must to have for mobile as mobile navigation is hard for customers. We would appreciate if xtemos have some new feature that is mobile specific.



    I have installed the beta version. Can you please tell me if this version will be updated via Patcher or if I need to install a new version every time ?


    Jeriss Cloud Center

    Your changelog contains only Elementor screenshots. Why aren’t there any WPBakery screenshots?



    Много новой, всякой всячины.


    Little Panda

    HI. Looks great. Is this almost ready for full release?


    Jeriss Cloud Center

    About ADDED: New “One column” layout to header row options. (Screenshot)

    is this gonna work for mobile? so mobile topbar & header bottom can now be split in 3 ?

    is that correct?




    , sorry for late response.

    Regarding the issue, It’s not only in the top bar information box but also appears in other info boxes throughout the website.
    Also, we are using WPML and with this update changing site language is a bit slower or maybe it’s the plugin related.

    Best regards,

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    Artem Temos


    Thank you to everyone who joined our beta test process. We highly appreciate your feedback. The stable version will be released later this week.

    @Jeriss Cloud Center This option makes 1 column for the row both on desktop and mobile devices.

    optimusproweb Yes, we changed that spacing but now you can control it for this element in Header Builder.

    Kind Regards



    For those who used the beta version, is it necessary to manually update with new files from themeforest or is it not necessary ?


    Artem Temos


    Yes, you need to download the stable version from ThemeForest and update it manually.

    Kind Regards

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