Umbriel - eCommerce theme for organic cosmetics and perfumes

A multipurpose theme that can be used both for online stores and corporate websites. Suitable for cosmetics, perfumes, health and body care, and spa.


Organic cosmetic, perfume

From: $49.00 / year

  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • Secure payment systems
  • Dedicated support team
  • Documentation and video tutorials
Downloads: 8 Last Update: 24 May 2023
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Theme Features

  • Elementor support
  • Powerful header builder
  • Multipurpose layouts
  • Multilanguage ready (WPML)
  • Gutenberg support
  • Online documentation
  • One-click easy installation
  • PHP Object-Oriented standards
  • Dedicated support team
  • Unlimited theme settings
  • Trusted by 35k+ customers
  • 100% Translations ready
  • RTL support
  • Setup wizard
  • Dummy content included
  • Minified JS and CSS files
  • 40+ Elements
  • Settings presets
  • WordPress 5.0+ support
  • SEO optimized
  • GDPR compliant
  • Video tutorials
  • Clean and well-organized codebase
  • Frequent automatic updates

Umbriel Changelog

Update v. 1.5.1 24 May 2023
  • Fixed Linked variation with text swatch. (Topic)
  • Fixed Important security issue.
Update v. 1.5.0 03 May 2023
  • New feature Product linked variations.
  • New feature Product gallery on product loop.
  • New feature Support of “Flexbox Container” in release candidate state for Elementor page builder. (Screenshot)
  • New feature Update cart on quantity change.
  • New feature Preset condition by user role.
  • New feature Password visibility icon.
  • Fixed Quantity on product with WooCommerce 7.4.0 issue. (Topic), (Topic)
  • Fixed Changed title tag in Recent Posts widget.
  • Fixed Countdown RTL. (Topic)
  • Fixed Breadcrumbs parent page issue. (Topic)
  • Fixed Elementor update data base issue. (Topic)
  • Fixed PHP errors. (Topic)
  • Fixed Output product category in page title shop page. (Topic)
  • Fixed Off canvas sidebar issue. (Topic)
  • Fixed Wishlist with translated page.
  • Fixed Show empty product category in size guide editor.
  • Fixed WP Rocket excluded pages issue.
  • Fixed Frequently bought together with WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin calculation issue.
  • Fixed Product swatches with Firefox browser issue.
  • Fixed Instagram duplication images.
  • Fixed Image hotspots element with WPML plugin issue.
  • Fixed Frequently bought together with WPML plugin issue.
  • Fixed Login and coupon form in checkout page. (Topic)
  • Updated Google Fonts.
  • Updated Outdated WooCommerce templates.
Update v. 1.4.0 13 Oct 2022
  • New feature Frequently bought together. (Screenshot)
  • New feature Free shipping progress bar. (Screenshot)
  • New feature Product visitor counter option. (Screenshot)
  • New feature Quick buy button in single product. (Screenshot)
  • New feature Price unit of measurement.
  • New feature “Stretch container”, “Animations” option to the Elementor “Flexbox Container”.
  • New feature Previously viewed products.
  • New feature “Is RTL” condition to theme settings presets.
  • New feature Exclusions JS files for WP Rocket
  • Fixed WP Rocket combine CSS with Elementor issue.
  • Fixed Compatible with “Elementor Pro” plugin. (Topic)
  • Updated Google fonts list.
  • Updated WooCommerce templates. (Topic)
Update v. 1.3.2 15 Sep 2022
  • Fixed PHP error with get_cart_contents_count() function (Topic)
  • Fixed Product 360 view (Topic)
  • Fixed Related product issue (Topic)
  • Fixed Theme settings presets issue. (Topic)
  • Fixed Instagram API issue.
  • Fixed Changed API server address.
  • Updated Outdated WooCommerce templates.
Update v. 1.3.1 14 Feb 2022
  • New feature Automatic patcher tools. (Screenshot)
  • New feature The ability to change the titles for the “Categories” and “Mobile Menu” elements in the Header builder. (Topic), (Screenshot Categories), (Screenshot Mobile Menu)
  • New feature rel=”nofollow” attribute for Compare, Wishlist, Quick view buttons to reduce their impact on Google crawling.
  • New feature Anchor text “#tab-xts_additional_tab” and ‘”#tab-xts_custom_additional_tab” for single product tabs.
  • New feature Hide “out of stock” products in product element
  • Improved Cookie secure param now depends on whether your site uses the SSL protocol. Also can be changed manually using a filter “xts_cookie_secure_param”. (Topic)
  • Improved Shop page column selector does not affect if loop display mode is subcategories. (Topic)
  • Improved After loading products by load more button breadcrumbs also change to the current page.
  • Improved Compare and Wishlist page options added to wpml-config.xml. (Topic)
  • Improved Theme elements added to wpml-config.xml.
  • Improved Theme settings search array now loaded by AJAX only in Theme settings.
  • Improved Google fonts list now loaded by AJAX only in Theme settings.
  • Improved Supports plugin Woofunnels. (Topic)
  • Fixed Styles, fonts, and icons are broken after URL change. (Topic), (Topic)
  • Fixed W3C Validator errors with menu dropdown inline print style. (Topic)
  • Fixed “Sticky navbar” in widgets issue.
  • Fixed Output images brands in Compare page. (Topic)
  • Fixed The sticky navbar will not be displayed on the maintenance mode page. (Screenshot)
  • Fixed If the user logged in not as an Administrator, then do not display the top admin menu Space Dashboard. (Screenshot)
  • Fixed Issue when AJAX Pagination did not work on the attribute archive page. (Video)
  • Fixed PHP8 widget warnings. (Topic)
  • Fixed Compare and wishlist counters when installed plugin WP Rocket. (Topic)
  • Fixed “Load more” button when available GET attribute. (Topic)
  • Fixed Meta filed element issue with Jet engine plugin. (Topic)
  • Fixed Font Styles Are Constantly Resetting. (Topic)
  • Fixed Lazy loading for product thumbnail. (Topic)
  • Fixed Output users name in mobile side. (Topic)
  • Fixed Lazy loading in mobile menu tabs. (Topic)
  • Fixed Header builder button translation with WPML. (Topic)
  • Fixed Portfolio permalinks translations. (Topic)
  • Fixed Include custom field in elements when installed Elementor Pro 3.6.0. (Topic)
  • Fixed Loader in Contact form. (Topic)
  • Updated Google Maps API version from 3.44 to weekly.
  • Updated Google fonts list.
  • Updated wp-color-picker-alpha.js library from 2.1.4 to 3.0.1
  • Updated Outdated WooCommerce template files.
  • Dev Added filter “xts_main_content_classes” to allow change main container classes.
  • Dev Added filter “xts_single_product_slider_dots” to enable dots on single product gallery. (Topic)
Update v. 1.3.0 26 Nov 2021
  • New feature Infinite scrolling custom offset (Topic)
  • New feature Show category in mobile menu
  • New feature Custom image size for related posts
  • Fixed Сonflict with Admin Columns Pro plugin (Topic)
  • Fixed Product labels issue (Topic)
  • Fixed WooCommerce Adjacent Products
  • Fixed Change link for HTML-block editor (Topic)
  • Fixed Enqueue script Google map (Topic)
  • Fixed Header builder issue with disabled rich editor in WordPress
  • Fixed Sidebar cart closing issue (Topic)
  • Fixed Carousel columns on mobile (Topic)
  • Fixed Product grid pagination arrows (Topic)
  • Fixed Menu dropdowns with accordion (Topic)
Update v. 1.2.1 13 Oct 2021
Update v. 1.2.0 06 Oct 2021
  • New feature “YITH Multivendor” plugin support
  • New feature Placeholder for product thumbnail if thumbnail is not set (Topic)
  • New feature Tag and attributes select to product tab
  • New feature Check “file_get_content” in system status
  • New feature Additional styling for default Gutenberg editor blocks
  • New feature Filter “On backorder” for WC Stock Status
  • New feature Additional legacy widgets for Gutenberg editor
  • New feature View dropdown for IPad Pro
  • New feature “Form” display option for the mobile search header element
  • New feature “WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace” plugin support
  • New feature Countdown element style “Inline”
  • New feature Carousel options to cross-sells products
  • New feature Options presets for product category (Topic)
  • New feature Option hide “Read More” for blog posts
  • New feature “Keep page number in the URL” option for infinite pagination (Topic)
  • New feature Mobile DOM optimization option
  • New feature Ability to rename Theme Settings presets
  • Improved Additional styling for “Dokan” plugin
  • Improved Products prev-next navigation (Topic)
  • Fixed Init AJAX search at load page
  • Fixed Upsells and related products images size (Topic)
  • Fixed WPML with HTML blocks (Topic)
  • Fixed Stock progress bar PHP errors
  • Fixed Swatches variation performance on the shop page
  • Fixed Slider images loading performance
  • Fixed Deprecated jQuery functions.
  • Fixed Element slider in plugin “Elementor Pro”
  • Fixed CSS in HTML-block loaded as file now, and not inline (Topic)
  • Fixed Tags taxonomy option in blog element (Topic)
  • Fixed In the image gallery the buttons from the top right to work
  • Fixed PHP errors in size-guide (Topic)
  • Fixed The variations form initialized multiple times under certain conditions (Topic)
  • Fixed The term ID option in the theme Settings Presets is working (Topic)
  • Fixed Issue with the same thumbnail image and swatch image assigned to one product (Topic)
  • Fixed Widgets are visible for edit mode or viewing mode in admin section (Topic)
  • Fixed “Sort by” filter is load via AJAX in the shop (Topic)
  • Fixed Page title on vendor page for “Dokan” plugin
  • Fixed Vendor page sidebar issue for “Dokan” plugin
  • Fixed Instagram save images
  • Fixed Blog post meta dash separator
  • Fixed Slider style parallax
  • Fixed Header builder general tab translations
  • Fixed For cart add alert with errors for variation product in product grid
  • Fixed Google map element in backend
  • Fixed Dropdowns position with RTL (Topic)
  • Fixed Maintenance mode option (Topic)
  • Fixed Tooltip in compare and wishlist buttons
  • Updated Google fonts list
Update v. 1.1.0 29 Apr 2021
  • New feature WPML with header builder compatibility
  • New feature Function that shows the active preset on the page
  • New feature White label options
  • New feature Elementor templates library (370+ elements)
  • Fixed Contact Form 7 5.4 notices
  • Fixed Compare fields translation
  • Fixed Minors PHP and CSS issues
  • Fixed Breadcrumb data type changed from “” to “”
  • Fixed Blog element “Taxonomies” option not seach by “post_tag”
  • Fixed Breadcrumb with children pages issue
  • Fixed Missing translation strings
  • Fixed Photoswipe popup on the single product page
  • Fixed Zoom button on the single product page
  • Fixed Widget filter dropdown after shop AJAX
  • Fixed Shop page AJAX error
  • Fixed Yoast SEO custom page description with AJAX shop
  • Fixed Compatibility Header and Footer with Elementor PRO
  • Fixed Price plan element action after add to cart
  • Fixed Elements with carousel not initialization issue
  • Fixed Theme folder rename from “themename” to “xts-themename” to prevent incorrect updating of the theme due to the coincidence of the name of the theme with an existing one
Release v. 1.0.0 21 Jan 2021

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