Adding a menu to the site

The main menu should be displayed in your header and contains primary navigation links for your website pages. Add it to one of your header columns via Space Dashboard -> Header builder -> choose your current header. Be sure that you have created this menu before in Appearance -> Menus and set its location to be “Main menu”.

Mobile menu

The mobile menu is created and assigned in Appearance  > Menu > Select menu and displayed by means of the Mobile menu element in the Header Builder in the Mobile view. One and the same menu can be both Main and Mobile. The mobile menu does not support mega menu blocks as there is no space enough for mega blocks. Thus, it is necessary to create a clone of the Main menu without mega menu blocks.  The mobile menu may be multi-leveled. The mobile menu element has the option to show the Category menu, which is created in Appearance > Menu. The mobile menu element also has the option to show or hide the search.

Secondary menus

You can also create a few other menus and put them anywhere on your header: top bar, bottom row, mobile devices, etc. It can be used for some simple flat menus without mega menu dropdowns.

Elementor menu widget

You can use our mega menu element and display it anywhere on your pages, posts, or product content using Elementor. This element supports vertical and horizontal menus. And you can use our mega menu dropdowns there too.

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