How to upload custom fonts

Our themes have unlimited control over your website typography. You can use Google Fonts, Typekit, or upload any custom fonts manually. This can be also used to load Google Fonts from your website locally if you need it. Find this interface in Theme Settings -> Typography – > Custom Font. All you need is to prepare a set of font files that you can generate for free on Online Font Converter. To use our custom fonts function you will need to have your fonts in the following set of formats: woffwoff2. This tool gives you the ability to convert any font to all of these formats. You need to click on “Select font (s)” and upload your font that you need to convert to all required formats. Your next step is to upload these files to your Media Library. Or you can do this via our Theme Settings as well. You need to set your custom font name and weight (400, 700, bold, light, etc.). Note that you need to upload each font-weight separately as different fonts. If you upload one and the same fonts but for two weights (400 and 700 for example) then they should have the same name but different font-weight selected.

To apply the newly uploaded font on your website, you need to go to Theme Settings -> Typography and select your custom font from the list. Be sure that you have saved your settings and refreshed the page after you uploaded your custom fonts first.

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