Built-in wishlist

All our themes have built-in wishlist functionality. You don’t need to use any third-party plugins for this. It allows your visitors to add products to their wishlists that increase your store conversion. The Wishlist feature is enabled by switching it on in the Theme Settings – > Shop -> Wishlist

Wishlist page

The next step is the Wishlist page, which is created separately in Dashboard – > Pages. As soon as the page has been created it is necessary to add the Wishlist element from the Elementor elements list.

The final step is a configuration of the Wishlist page: navigate to Theme Settings – > Shop -> Wishlist -> Select a page for the Wishlist page.

You need also to enter Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and press “Save”

In order to show the Wishlist icon in the Header, navigate to Space Dashboard -> Header Builder add the Wishlist element to the Header.

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