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Theme updates

We always recommend our customers to keep all plugins, WordPress, and, of course, theme up to date. It is necessary to update everything to be sure that your website is functioning correctly and doesn’t have any security issues. That is why we are working hard to deliver frequent and useful updates. And we make this process to be as fast and easy for you as possible. Before each update, we suggest you do a quick preparation, and here is a quick checklist for you:

  1. Read our update changelog to see what changes were made and how they may affect your website
  2. Highly recommended to backup all files and database before any update
  3. Temporarily turn off optimizations and cache plugins
  4. Update WordPress CMS to the latest version

The fastest and most safe way to update our themes is to use our auto-updates mechanism. It is based on WordPress core update functions and is very easy to do. But to be able to use it you need to have an active premium subscription or purchase the theme on our website. After that, you will need to activate the theme with the license key.

Theme Activation

In order to activate our theme and use the update updates feature you need to go to Space Dashboard -> Activation and enter your license key.

  1. Be our premium club member or purchase a single theme
  2. Go to your account on our website and copy the license key
  3. Navigate to Space Dashboard -> Activation on your website
  4. Enter the license key and click on the “Activate” button
Purchase list with license key
Theme activation form

How to update the theme

After the activation, all you need to do is to go to Appearance -> Themes and click on the “Update” button if you don’t have the latest version installed yet. Here is a more detailed instruction:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Updates
  2. If you don’t see an update for the theme available – click on the “Check again” button
  3. If you don’t have the latest version yet, you will see the theme update under the “Themes” list there
  4. Or you can go to Appearance -> Themes and click on the “Update” button there

Further steps

If you have any issues with the auto-update process you need to contact our support team for help or try the manual method. When the update is done it is time to update the included and required plugins. You can do this step before the theme update as well. Read an instruction about plugins update here.

NOTE: If you did some customization/code changes directly in our theme files you might loose them after updating all files

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