Install via FTP

FTP installation process

FTP – is a File Transfer Protocol that allows you to view, edit, remove, or upload files on your hosting server. And that gives you the ability to upload our theme’s folder to your website and install it in case you have problems with a canonical WordPress install method. If you are not familiar with FTP usage or don’t have your access information, contact your hosting provider and ask them to help you. You can also upload the theme via the server control panel (cPanel, Plesk etc.).

Step by step guide

The procedure is quite simple. You need to download the theme’s folder from our website and put it into the folder “wp-content/themes/” on your server. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Join our premium subscription or purchase a single theme
  2. Download theme files from Account -> Downloads or on the theme’s page
  3. Connect to your hosting (server) via FTP client or open the control panel File Manager (cPanel, Plesk, etc.)
  4. Upload the file to the folder 
  5. Unzip the file so you get the folder like this wp-content/themes/theme-name/
  6. Go to the WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and click on the “Activate” button

Further steps

When you have installed our theme completely you will be redirected to our Setup Wizard to finish the installation in a few steps. You can skip it and do everything manually. You need to activate the theme, install the required plugins, and import the dummy content (optional). Follow the following instruction next.

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