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Loco translate

By default, our themes are available in English only and don’t have translations to other languages. You can translate all theme and plugin texts via the PO file in WordPress. The easiest way to do this is to install a Loco Translate plugin and create translation files with that.

IMPORTANT: We suggest you to keep translated files in wp-content/languages/themes/theme-pt_PT.po folder to avoid losing translations after the update.

Step by step instruction for Loco Translate

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new. Find and install the Loco Translate plugin
  2. Find Dashboard -> Loco Translate -> Home -> Active theme and click on it (for ex.: Mars)
  3. Click on the “New language” button
  4. Select your desired language from the “WordPress language” list
  5. Choose location “languages/themes/xts-theme-uk.po” and click “Start translating”
  6. Find texts and words that you want to translate using the search field.
  7. Fill the translation field with your own texts and click “Save”
Loco Translate editor interface


If you want to create a multilanguage or multicurrency store you can use WPML plugin for this purpose. Our themes are fully compatible with that.

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