How to enable sticky header option

Sticky rows

Headers created with our header builder contains three main parts: top bar, main header, and bottom header area. So you can add elements to each of them and you can decide which of these three rows will be used for your sticky header. Just edit some of the rows and enable the “Sticky row” option. After this action, on the frontend, the user will see this row sticky when scrolling the page down.

Sticky row example

Sticky header effects

There is also another option to make your header sticky in the general settings. Open Header settings -> Sticky header -> Sticky effect and choose “Slide after scrolled down”. Then, you can use the “Sticky header clone” option. It will not use any of those three rows but instead will create a clone header with a fixed structure. It will include Logo, Main menu, Search, and shopping cart widget.

“Slide after scrolled down” example
“Slide after scrolled down” with header clone enabled example

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