Linked variations

The “Linked variations” lets you create separate simple products and group them into one bundle by a common attribute, rather than creating a variable product with different variations. For instance, you can create four separate cases for phones with different colors: BeoPlay H9i – Beige – BeoPlay H9i – Black and BeoPlay H9i – Green. After grouping them, all of these products will have swatches buttons with case colors similar to the variable product. But the benefit there is that each of these products will be shown on the catalog page. And also, when you click on the case color button, you will be redirected to a separate product page.

As you can create a separate product page for each variation, our option redirects customers to a single variation page when they click the variations displayed on product pages.

1. First of all, for activating it, navigate to Theme Settings -> Single product -> Elements -> Variable products and turn on the “Linked variations” option.

2. Create linked variation bundles in Dashboard -> Products -> Linked variations.

For the “Products” field set separate products that will be grouped into one bundle.

NOTE: that for proper work of the Linked variation, the products should be as Simple products.

The “Attributes” field determines by which attribute the products will be combined. The products you specify must have the same attributes that you specify for combining in the “Attributes” field.

The “Attribute for the product image” sets the product’s images instead of the default attribute color or image.

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