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Our theme includes a Revolution slider plugin that allows you to create massive sliders with a lot of animations, effects, and layers. It is a very powerful tool but sometimes you may need just a simple slider with an image and some sample text. And using such an extensive plugin is not effective in this case. That is why we created our own slider functionality. You can create a beautiful slider with nice animation and any content using Elementor. You can see an example of a slider here and here.

While creating slides you will need to set their backgrounds and content. As a background, you can upload an image, color, or video. There are a few options for the content that gives you the ability to set its alignment and dimensions. The content itself should be created with Elementor for each slide.

Slider taxonomy

To group slides into a single slider we have a custom taxonomy for that called “Slider”. So to create a slider you need to go Dashboard -> Slides -> Slider -> Add new. From there you can set up all basic options for the slider. Specify the slider height and width,  arrows and pagination style, slide change animation, and autoplay.

Step by step instruction

Here is a simple instruction about how to create a slider and display it on any page.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Slides -> Slider -> Add new and configure your slider settings.
  2. Go to Dashboard -> Slides -> Add new and create a few sliders with images. Check each slide to be related to your created slider.
  3. Edit any page or post with Elementor and put our “Slider” element with the newly created slider.

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